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TOLL FREE NUMBERS ARE GOOD FOR BUSINESS! That’s why a HUGE percentage of big businesses are using Toll Free numbers. Until recently most home-based and small businesses couldn’t afford Toll Free numbers, now VoiceMailTel makes them available and affordable to all businesses. VoiceMailTel Toll Free numbers come loaded with great features at a great price.

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You choose your toll free number. VoiceMailTel offers you the option to select your Toll Free numbers. You get the number you want! While 800 numbers are most widely known, 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888 Toll Free numbers all offer the same benefits.

You’re always available for business. You can route your Toll Free calls to any phone number you want, including your home phone, office line, or cellphone. Anywhere in the world, at any time.

You decide how many numbers to use. Add as many numbers as you need. You can assign Toll Free or local numbers to each of your employees, departments, or branches. It’s easy to manage them with your VoiceMailTel portal account.

You get great features to help run your business. Your Toll Free numbers from VoiceMailTel come loaded with professional features so your business can grow faster: Voicemail, Auto Attendant, Calling Card & Call Back, Call Analysis, Call Forwarding, and other great features. You project a big-business image.

Consumers see the link between a Toll Free number and a reputable business. According to ICB Toll Free News, having a Toll Free number:

  • Increases phone orders by 30-60%.
  • Increases word-of-mouth referrals by 200%.
  • Increases revenue for average businesses by 600%.
  • Generates approximately 30% more orders when coupled with a productive advertisement having the Toll Free number listed.
  • Reduces product returns by 50%.


Don’t wait for the tech department to set it up, you can do it yourself. It’s that simple with VoiceMailTel’s Toll Free Numbers!

* If you order a custom Toll Free Number, the registration takes up to 15 working days.

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How Toll Free Numbers work

With the VoiceMailTel toll free numbers you make it easy for customers to do business with you. You look professional with your virtual phone system.

How do Toll Free Numbers work?

  • Businesses use Toll Free numbers to make it easier and free for callers to reach them
  • Toll Free numbers give your company a professional image
  • With VoiceMailTel you can choose the Toll Free number you want or bring aboard your current Toll Free number.
  • You get free voicemail, custom music-on-hold, call routing, and many other great features.
  • Your customers dial your Toll Free number without being charged.
  • Your Toll Free number receives the calls and routes them according to your settings.


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