Automated Directory Assistance

connnect people using Automated Directory Assistance from VoiceMailTelOverview Automated Directory Assistance, or “Directory”, a VoiceMailTel feature

The VoiceMailTel Automated Directory Assistance feature allows your callers to dial the first 3 letters of a name to find matching extensions, as an alternative to expensive phone systems. Your caller simply dials the name, and your Directory then announces matching names and extensions.

See Florida State University (external link)  for more information on that topic.

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Automated Directory Assistance can do

This feature allows your callers to dial the first 3 letters of a name to find matching extensions. It makes doing business with you easy.

Our virtual phone system offers a Directory feature that sounds like expensive phone systems, even if it is not expensive. You save money.

With VoiceMailTel’s Automated Directory Assistance you sound like a large, professional company. Your caller simply dials the name, and your Directory  announces matching names and extensions. You look professional.

You choose which extensions to include in the directory then a setup wizard guides you through the process. Because it is auto-generated, your setup time is short. When you add new mailboxes, it is automatically updated. You can do it yourself, in fact you do not need to wait for the Tech department to set it up. It’s simple.

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How Automated Directory Assistance works for your business

With Voicemailtel’s Automated Directory Application you make it easy for callers to do business with you.

How does Directory work?

  • It’s an automated directory that allows callers to enter the first 3 letters of a person’s last name to receive corresponding names and extensions.
  • It provides a list of departments and employees to callers.
  • When the customer receives the requested number from the automated assistance, it will hear the call completion announcement prompt offering to automatically dial the requested number.

Benefits of Automated Directory Assistance

  • Decrease operational costs – staff can focus on other more important tasks, and less staff is needed
  • Make changes and updates to the system quickly and easily
  • Improve customer service –  consumers can now be guaranteed that they will reach the correct person
  • No need for a printed internal director, employees can pick up their phones and dial the person to whom they wish to speak


What is the Directory feature?

This feature is a low-cost alternative to expensive phone systems. But your callers will never know the difference.

With your Directory, callers dial the first 3 letters of a name, and are then given matching names and extensions.

Is it difficult to set up the Directory feature?


It is auto-generated, making the setup time very short.

How many names can I enter in my Directory?

You can add as many names as there are extensions.


How do I manage Directory?

It’s very easy.

  • Access your VoiceMailTel portal.
  • Go to System.
  • Go to Directory.
  • Enter the employee or department for each extension.
  • The Directory will match these to caller requests.


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