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The Easy Conference Plus service offered by VoiceMailTel provides a cost-efficient method for communication, planning and research. It’s an On-Demand Audio Conference, ideal for users with regularly scheduled meetings as the bridge is open 24/7. No reservations are required.

This service helps you communicate with your team and customers across the country and around the world. It provides you with the means to have an affordable, effective and cost-efficient collaboration. Share, understand, impress and give instant feedback.

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Conference Administration

  • Mute or unmute participants (moderator) or yourself (moderator and participants)
  • Engage in a live conversation
  • You can control the costs by ending the conference when the moderator exits
  • You have full usage of your phone’s commands
  • The conference starts after the moderator enters his password. Participants put on hold will listen to on-hold music


  •  Entry and exit warning tones
  • It can be locked to prevent other participants from entering

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Feature Description
Real-time conference management It gives the moderator full control of the conference by allowing him to connect/disconnect participants
Crystal clear sound No background noise. Excellent sound quality
Lock / Unlock The moderator will be able to secure the conference to prevent other participants from joining
No Reservations required Initiate a conference with an automated pass code, without any previous reservations
Disconnect all participants When the moderator exits, all the participants will be disconnected
Participants/moderators use unique passcodes For a completely secure conversation each user will have a unique passcode offered by VoiceMailTel
Individual/conference volume control Participants can increase/decrease their individual sound volume, the moderator can increase/decrease the conference sound volume
Individual disconnect Participants can log out whenever they want
Music on hold Until the Moderator joins the conference the other users will be placed on hold
Entry/ Exit Tones All users will be announced when they join or leave the conference.
Mute/ Un-mute Participants can mute their own line
Conference Time Limit VoiceMailTel offers you unlimited conference time

To use this service, each  participant must call your Toll Free Number. You will pay only 9.95c/minute for each participant. Since the Participants in the conference will use a Toll Free number to connect to this service they will not be charged.

For more information about usage see our wiki page !

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