How it works

It works anywhere. The VoiceMailTel Business Phone Service works with any phone, anywhere in the world. The great thing about it? No additional equipment and no additional software. That means no hassles for you.

It sounds good. Really good. With our business phone system you get a professional-sounding phone service with a live-recorded main greeting, many options for routing calls, and extensions for employees, departments, and product information.

It is a complete solution. The Virtual Office from VoiceMailTel is the most complete business phone service available. You get a toll-free number, unlimited incoming calls on local numbers, multiple extensions (each with call forwarding and voicemail), and mailboxes that you can use to store voice messages as audio attachments.

VoiceMailTel provides you with a Toll-Free or Local Number that goes directly into our VoiceMailTel server. Or, you can also transfer your current numbers to us. Most importantly, you won’t need to worry about system hardware any more.

VoiceMailTel sends your incoming calls through traditional phone lines to existing phones, and through the internet to your computer, PDA, or VoIP phone. You can make your outgoing calls through any computer or any phone in the world.

Receive incoming faxes directly in your e-mail inbox, so you can read them anywhere you have an internet connection. You can send faxes from any computer through your VoiceMailTel account.

Here are some other things you can do with your VoiceMailTel plan:

With a business phone service you get efficiency and the mobility to do the job properly.

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