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Call-Tracking3VoiceMailTel Call Tracking solution allows you to configure your Business’ local and Toll Free numbers so that you will know where the calls are coming from and get enhanced information about your callers to make better decisions on your online and offline marketing material.

We are tracking the location of your calls and provide you with powerful reporting so you can better evaluate your calls and advertising.

Easily see where your calls are coming from by assigning a source to each phone number and extension. Track calls from your website, newspaper, radio, and any other source you specify.

Our Call Tracking reports give you full detailed reporting of calls received filtered by source, calls received in a particular date range, callers contact information, and you can even export the call data. Get call tracking reports that give you powerful insights about your incoming call leads. Also, you can easily setup welcome greetings your caller will hear before the call is connected or routed.

All of our plans include these great features:

  • Call Recording – Listen to calls to qualify your leads and train your staff. Each recorded call is safely stored on your account or emailed if needed.
  • Unlimited Users – All your staff members and customers can have access to this great service. You can create a user account with access to particular data in a multiple user class environment.
  • Customized greetings – Play custom greetings to your callers to provide options, announcing call recording or providing IVR options. Set professional call screening or holiday messages.
  • Flexible Management– Create campaigns, user accounts, greetings and set up new tracking numbers in no time.
  • Detailed Reporting – Get real-time reporting on all your ads and campaigns and export them in any format. Schedule reports in advance and receive them in your inbox automatically.
  • Track all your advertising – It doesn’t matter if you advertise online or offline, on social media, on print media or TV, all your tracked numbers will have call recordings, reports, geographical info, and accurate call details.


 What our customers are saying:


Gottarent has been working closely with VoiceMail Tel for over 2 years now.  We have built a strong relationship during this time.  The call tracking system has been customized to our liking and we receive continued support from the VoiceMail Tel team.  A big thanks to Gabriel and Andra for their hard work, dedication, professionalism, and constant effort for improvement.  We at Gottarent feel we are a valued client, which is a great feat in this digital age.


The Gottarent.com Team

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