Entertainment Services



As everyone knows, the Entertainment industry is one of the largest businesses today with a vast network of people who need to communicate with each other efficiently. Moreover, in the Entertainment business people depend on their ability to stay in touch. Due to the nature of their business, working on multiple locations, at the photoshoot or in the studio, the need for cost-effective communication solutions like the one offered by VoiceMailTel is not only a convenience, but a necessity.

VoiceMailTel offers a Virtual Phone Service which is anywhere you are custom created for Entertainment Services. Features such as Toll Free numbers for superior customer service allow you to compete with or exceed competitors’ services. In today’s business environment you have to stay a step ahead to ensure staying power and company growth.

VoiceMailTel has the perfect communications solutions for your production or casting company, event organizers or the ones that are looking for a competitive edge in communications.


A big-business image at a small-business price
The entertainment business is all about image. No one wants to deal with a small company or a company that thinks small. Talk may “be cheap” but a PBX isn’t. VoiceMailTel is offering you a virtual PBX which is versatile and cost-effective. All you need is an internet connection and you’re in business, VoiceMailTel will do the rest. By taking advantage of our technology you can avoid inbound and outbound long distance charges with the combination of a Toll Free line and VoIP technology.

Stay accessible anytime and anywhere
Always being available in today’s world is essential and expected. With our Virtual Phone Service your office is where ever you are. Calls can be routed to suit your movements regardless of whether you have access to your phone or not. When you can’t get to a call the service will organize your voicemails. You can quickly check your messages by access your call history and prioritize your callbacks.

Forward incoming calls to mobile phones, or voicemail
Traditional phone systems require you being in the office to forward calls. With VoiceMailTel you can forward incoming calls to any phone from any internet terminal. This flexibility allows supreme control over your communication network. You always want to be in touch but on your terms. Our service will ensure that you get back to the people you want and avoid annoying calls.

Customize messages to suit your business needs
VoiceMailTel’s service makes it easy to customize your message center. You can organize the Auto Attendant script to navigate your clients through departments, offices, personal, business hours and much more. VoiceMailTel’s service will give your callers a true corporate feel by allowing you to offer company news, telling your clients about your successes and offers. For specialized businesses such as those within the music business you may want to have your customers hear the latest releases while they hold.

Up-to-date notification of new voice messages
Because your business is not a 9 to 5 your clients demand that they can reach you anytime. VoiceMailTel can notify you on your cell phone when someone is leaving you a message. You can then check to see the urgency and return their call ASAP. What better way to impress an important client or get that important message you were waiting for?

Make long distance calls at low rates
VoiceMailTel offers you our Calling Card feature. Through our virtual phone system you will save on your long distance rates. If you’re calling from your mobile phone using the VoiceMailTel Calling Card you will receive a local charge since the long distance will be billed to your VoiceMailTel account, not to your personal cell phone account.

Case Study for Entertainment Services 

Martha Apple is  in the Entertainment Industry, she is the editor of a small music magazine with 7 employees. The magazine had serious problems with telephone rates as the number of calls with distributors and partners, as well as calls for interviews, increased so she needed a cost-effective solution. VoiceMailTel offered her the custom solution for Entertainment Services,  a Toll Free 800 Number and a Local Number and her magazine improved in an instant. Calls from distributors increased, readers began calling for more information and suggestions and interviews go smoothly now. Also, magazine contests have more readers calling now, which means interest is growing and so are the advertisement rates. When on hold, callers are listening to magazine advertisements, a major improvement for it.

When the callers reach the magazine’s main line, they will be greeted: “Thanks for your interest in our magazine! For our marketing department please dial 1. For Martha Apple, executive editor, please dial 2. For John Wilson, editor-at-large, please dial 3. For Jill Heathway, columnist, please dial 4. Dial 0 or hold for customer support.”

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