Cloud PBX

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What is Cloud PBX?


Cloud PBX is similar with hosted PBX or virtual PBX, meaning that all of the routing services are performed by your VoIP provider, rather than by an employee managing a PBX system in your office.


Benefits of Cloud PBX


Cloud PBX System Scale Easily.

A cloud-based PBX phone system helps companies avoid paying for installation of lines that may or may not be used in the future. The PBX system is easy to scale up or down. Rather than taking days to add new users, hosted PBX allows adding users in a matter of hours. With normal telephone systems, it is necessary to pay more or install additional wiring to add another phone line, but this is not the case with a Cloud PBX system.

Cloud PBX is also more flexible than other phone systems.

Because the whole system operates through the internet, you can have a telephone connected to the hosted PBX service without geographic limitations. As a business expands this is an especially nice feature, because the Cloud PBX can connect employees in different states while all being included in the same system. This makes it easier to call and manage business aspects even if one phone is far from another.

Office moves are simpler with Cloud PBX.

Moving office with a traditional PBX system could take a long time. But with a cloud PBX phone system, your phone system and its features are hosted in the cloud, so there’s no on-site management.

Using a Cloud PBX as a form of hosted VoIP solves a lot of problems in traditional PBX service, and it is a good option for any business owner to consider.


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