Financial Services

Financial Services


Financial service is the largest industry (or industry category) in the world, in terms of earnings. Financial Services organizations are relying more and more on communications technology to keep low costs, information flowing and customer service close to the client. Whether you provide insurance, mortgage, banking or trading services your business will need a communication service that will take your costs down and you must also offer a consistently high level of prompt, friendly, personalized customer service.

Many Financial Services organizations spend considerable resources on expensive solutions in an effort to keep pace with the Finance Industry development, but all they get are employees which still struggle to handle bigger call volumes and frustrated customers as they find themselves spending more time on hold, without being able to get in touch with an agent or with its voicemail.

The solution for these problems is VoiceMailTel’s Phone Service which handles costumers/partners’ calls more efficiently, getting them to the person or department they need in very short time and also considerably reduces your expenses.


A big-business image at a small-business price
Office and cell phones, fax equipment and more are the major costs for brokers and agents. Financial Services businesses can eliminate redundant paging services, fax machines while improving the flow of communications and so improving their image.

Toll free or/and a local number
VoiceMailTel’s Toll Free 800 Number feature supplies your costumers with a cost-free method to contact you. If you offer financial services, you should know there are customers/partners that feel more secure and confident in your agency if they know your office is located in their town or area. With VoiceMailTel’s Local Number feature you can live and work in one city and get a local number in another.

Stay accessible anytime and anywhere
With VoiceMailTel’s Financial Virtual Phone Service, you will be always reachable for your clients and partners because if in need, your incoming calls will be transferred away from your office and so making your phone line available for other incoming calls as well. The advantage is that you will no longer restrain your mobility and your callers will be able to contact you at any time; callers who dialed your Toll Free or local number will be routed to your cell, home, and office phones.

Connect your offices at no extra cost
The biggest requirement in the Financial Service is the professional image of your firm. With VoiceMailTel’s Virtual Extensions you can create the impression of a single, professional office, regardless of whether you and your employees work from different geographical locations.

You own the numbers
The best advantage when choosing to work with VoiceMailTel is that you have no restrictions from our side, if in need you can switch to another provider anytime.

Up-to-date notification of new voice messages
Sometimes your phone has low signal or is even unreachable. VoiceMailTel offers you the possibility to pick up voicemail messages in emails or on your on-line account and play them on your PC – or pick up by phone. You will also get text messages on your cell phone or PDA alerting you about new voicemail messages. The advantage of this facility is that you will no longer miss an important message and so you will provide a professional service to your clients.

No equipment to purchase or maintain
Unlike traditional phone systems, VoiceMailTel’s services are totally virtual and don’t need any hardware or software for using them. You’ll be able to access the system from any phone, be it mobile or regular touchpad phone, and so to eliminate redundant paging services, fax machines and cell phones.

Case Study

The five agents this company has are rarely in the office. Also, the company needs a professional image and until now they used expensive advertisements, therefore spending an important part of their budget.

What callers hear: “Thank you for calling the Mortgage Center! For John, dial 1. For Bill, dial 2. For Jack, dial 3. For Tom, dial 4. For Sam, dial 5. For information about our company dial 6. Otherwise, please stay on the line for the operator”

With VoiceMailTel service, their agents are now more accessible to callers, wherever they are located. Their customers are more satisfied with the company’s services and spend less time when trying to reach any of its agents. Advertisements’ methods improved and the number of clients increased considerably during the last year. Now the company’s profits are increasing at a sure pace day by day.

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