Fax Broadcasting

Broadcast fax is a feature that allows you to send documents to many recipients simultaneously. Documents that need to be sent to a large audience, such as announcements, press releases, newsletters, or other types of information, are often sent by broadcast faxing. Some businesses routinely send conference or workshop registration reminders, invoices, and other materials using this service.

One advantage of using this service is that the company’s individual fax machine is not tied up during the transmission. By using a virtual fax service, a company does not need to have special computer equipment, fax boards or servers, special software, or multiple phone lines. When using the broadcast fax service, the user uploads a list of fax recipients and their corresponding fax numbers, along with the document that he wants to send.

Easy to Manage! Fax Broadcasts can be grouped into campaigns that are fully manageable. From the Campaign Administrator menu, you can start, stop and schedule when certain fax campaigns are sent or what fax sender ID to use. You can also have custom reports generated on each of them. When the campaign is complete, a notification message will be sent to your email.

Start sending fax broadcasts immediately!

  • No setup fees
  • Send hundreds of faxes with ease!
  • Easy fax list management and document uploads
  • Run multiple campaigns simultaneously

Fax Start

$14.49 / Month
  • 500 Pages
  • Extra pages will be charged $0.029
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Fax Basic Popular

$26.99 / Month
  • 1.000 Pages
  • Extra pages will be charged $0.027
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Fax Advanced

$64.49 / Month
  • 2.500 Pages
  • Extra pages will be charged $0.025
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