Floral Services

Floral Services


The floral industry essentially consists of three major components: the growers, the wholesalers and the retailers whose businesses are quite intermingled. For all companies involved in the Floral Industry communication is vital to stay on top, helping them to deliver premium services which will distinguish them from the competitions.

Successful florists know that customers start to form opinions about the quality of their business before they even speak to an agent. Thanks to the VoiceMailTel Floral Virtual Phone Service now you can both reduce your costs and grow your profits.

The Floral Virtual Phone Service from VoiceMailTel is your “one-stop” communication center that makes your agents more productive and your callers more satisfied. You’ll be able to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and so to make better-informed decisions on your marketing investments. By handling calls more efficiently, collecting testimonials and proposals, this solution becomes a strategic tool to manage the growth and success of your business.


A big-business image at a small-business price
Office and cell phones, fax equipment and more are the major costs for the companies involved in the Floral Service. Our services are the ideal solution for this problem, coming at very low costs and increasing efficacy as well.

Toll Free or/and a local number
VoiceMailTel offers the choice of a Toll Free 800 Number to reduce all your communication costs and to supply your costumers with a cost-free method to contact you. Also, a Local Number brings you closer to your costumers by inspiring them more trust in your business.

Connect your offices at no extra cost
Now you can create the impression of a single office, regardless of whether you and your employees work from different locations, which ensures your costumers of your professional approach and increases their interest in working with you.

Stay accessible anytime and anywhere
With VoiceMailTel Floral Virtual Phone Service your incoming calls will be transferred away from your office so that you are more accessible and your business line is available for other incoming calls as well. The advantage is that you will no longer restrain your mobility and your callers will be able to contact you at any time; callers who dialed your Toll Free or local number will be routed to your cell, home, and office phones. That means more clients, and so, more sales.

Customize messages to suit your business needs
Provide your callers with information about your Floral Services, while they are on hold, also giving them a small incentive to hang on. Their attention will so be captured and they will be also provided with your announcements. Or you can simply choose your favorite music-on-hold professionally recorded, and then upload the recordings to your account.

Forward incoming calls to cell, or voicemail
There are times when you simply cannot be reached by customers, the result being a lost sale opportunity, but it doesn’t have to be this way because VoiceMailTel offers you the possibility to pick up voicemail messages in emails or on your on-line account and play those over your PC – or simply listen by phone. You will also get text messages on your cell phone or PDA alerting you about new voicemail messages. The advantage of this facility is that you will no longer miss an important message and so, a new business opportunity.

No equipment to purchase or maintain
Unlike traditional phone systems, VoiceMailTel’s services are totally virtual and don’t need any hardware or software for using them. You’ll be able to access the system from any phone, be it mobile or regular touchpad phone, and so to eliminate redundant paging services, fax machines and cell phones.

Case Study

Larry Goodman owns a floral business. He has 6 employees and until now had many problems in satisfying all orders or even in answering all calls. A small business like his needs all actions to go on smoothly for better development, but also needs a lot of money invested in advertisements.

When the customers call Larry’s business line, they will be greeted: “Thanks for choosing our floral service! For information on our services please dial 1. For our products dial 2. For orders dial 3. Dial 0 or hold, to speak to Larry Goodman.”

VoiceMailTel offered him the possibility to make Customer Service his businesses’ main priority, to keep in better contact with his employees and to manage easily and more effective all his transactions.

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