Interactive Business Agenda


Interactive Business Agenda is a fully-featured application that includes a detailed online interface and professional features designed to ease call distribution and act as an info line for pre-defined business schedules.

Interactive Business Agenda acts like a professional phone system featuring a complex IVR system, a text to speech widget, and a comprehensive online interface to manage its settings in real time.



- you can schedule your incoming calls and route them to the appropriate agents depending on multiple criteria pre-designed by you, like Location, Date, Time, Area of Expertise, Department; these changes can be performed online or through your phone system

- your callers will have the option to speak to live agents, listen to any information you decide to offer publicly, or leave voicemails to be contacted at a later time

- the application also acts as an info line for your callers without them having to speak to a live agent; the IVR system will play pre-recorded info-messages about future events, current offers, locations, or product descriptions

- the high-quality text to speech feature will allow you to provide updated info to your callers in an instant, so your communication will always be professional and efficient

- thanks to its complex scheduling options, Interactive Business Agenda allows you to control your company’s working shifts and the agents covering calls during those shifts; with a few simple mouse-clicks, you can schedule all agents and shifts 24/7 for a full month hence giving you control over all incoming calls

- the Call Screening feature informs the agent that he/she has an incoming call through the Interactive Business Agenda application and gives him/her the option of answering the call or leaving it for a next available agent or to go to voicemail

- the Call History feature acts as a personal assistant, keeping track of all incoming and outgoing calls made through the application. You can generate reports on all incoming and outgoing calls and sort them based on date, source, destination and length for further analysis


Benefits for Real Estate companies:


- the Interactive Business Agenda application is a great meeting tracker for Real Estate agencies providing a complete history of all meetings and their followups

- if an agency has multiple agents, the Interactive Business Agenda acts like an online and phone directory allowing both its staff members and its customers to have access to an agents’ schedule at any time

- realtors can record property descriptions by phone or by using our advanced computer generated voice software and play the messages to interested callers

- realtors can also use the application to advertise upcoming events and manage them online or by phone

- by using our custom designed application, to keep track and manage your meetings and events, and with the aid of its extensive Call History logs, a Real Estate company can identify the geographical areas to successfully advertise in and focus its marketing efforts in that direction

- by using the custom designed Meetings tracker and especially the Call History feature an agent can determine and decide which regions deserve more attention and which regions need more marketing efforts


Case Study:


Organizations (Narcotics Anonymous)

We developed this application for Narcotics Anonymous so that it can be accessed by 3 types of users (admin, meetings manager and volunteer manager), and so everyone has full control on their departments and all tasks are accomplished.


Interactive Business Agenda - Nercotics Anonymous 01


Their interface has 7 menu items/pages: Schedule, Agents, Meetings, Location, Users, Settings and Call History

1. Schedule
An appointment can be either temporary (for one time only) or permanent (for a full month). The date, the shift, the priority, the agent’s name and the meeting type (temporary or permanent) can all be managed from the online interface. Agents’ work can be scheduled for up to 4 daily shifts, according to your company’s needs.

2. Agents
A page that allows agents management including details such as agent ID, full names, phone numbers and email addresses. The user can add as many agents as needed, and agents can also be edited or removed from the online interface in real time.

3. Meetings
On this page users can manage all meetings, locations, dates, and also add new meetings or remove cancelled ones if needed.

4. Locations
This page allows the user to manage all saved locations. The user has 3 columns: Dial Digits (the digits that he needs to dial to get to the proper location), Location Name and the Action item (add or remove locations).

5. Users
Users management (add/remove, modify) is being done on this page.

6. Settings
This page gives the user full control over the application. The users can upload pre-recorded greetings for the Main Menu, Locations Menu, Days Menu and Surfing Instructions.
The Interactive Business Agenda app can be customized to fit and integrate with all your business needs.


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