Real Estate Services

Real Estate Services


VoiceMailTel has pulled together a wide range of first-class Real Estate voicemail services to meet all your communication needs.

As personal ownership of private property continues to grow, the Real Estate industry is growing along with it, and is continuing to increase in importance. The result has been an extraordinary amount of buying and selling in the housing market in what has always been a very competitive business. Responding to every single client call, fax, or e-mail is becoming increasingly difficult for busy real estate agents; the only way to process all your calls while staying available for your callers is the VoiceMailTel Real Estate Virtual Phone Service.

As a real estate agent, you want to be able to focus on three important things: selling houses quickly, maximizing return, and doing both as quickly and efficiently as possible. Today’s competitive climate is constantly pushing real estate agents to improve their communications technology – this means having a flexible communications system that can help reduce costs while enabling you to respond to clients more quickly and to reach them with information and advertising. The result is every agent’s dream: no more missed calls and lots more transactions.

Our Real Estate package can provide you with your own Toll Free number if you don’t have one, or allow you to keep your current number for forwarding calls or to use as your main telephone number.

VoiceMailTel service for Real Estate companies brings you a new, more efficient and cost-effective solution including:

Property IDs
Toll Free Numbers
Low costs
Effective image

Please click on the links below for demonstrations of how our service can help you improve your business:

  1. Advantages for the realtor
  2. Common phone service

Advantages for the realtor:

The agent signs up for the VoiceMailTel service and gets a phone number and several Property IDs for his company. Next, he makes descriptions for all properties he has for sale and records them for the Call Attendant. Furthermore, he schedules the available hours of the day and days of the week he wants to take calls and posts advertisements in newspapers with a contact number and Property ID.

The advantages in this case when using VoiceMailTel service for the Real Estate business are:

  • Voicemail and Call Attendant – the agent will not miss any important calls due to a busy day schedule
  • Toll Free Number – the agent can receive more calls now because he will pay for them at very low costs
  • Property IDs – every caller can hear the agent’s descriptions for each of his/her properties for sale the important part of attracting callers’ attention will be made so by the Custom Greeting
  • Big company image at low costs – the agent will have a more powerful and effective image at very low costs

What happens when the realtor has a common phone service?

The client sees an advertisement for a property for sale (land, home or apartment) with a common contact phone number. In case the agent is in a meeting or is simply out of phone signal, the client will get either a busy tone or an unanswered call. It rarely happens that a client will try to call again and again, but if he/she gets the same problem another agent will be chosen. That means loss of transactions and of course, loss of money.

Do not miss this chance of resolving all your communications problems by ordering now the service from VoiceMailTel!

If still not convinced, get our 30 days free trial to test if our service suits all your needs!


A big-business image at a small-business price
Office and cell phones, fax equipment and other equipment represent major expenses for brokers and agents. Traditional phone services are no longer good enough for businesses whose employees need to be able to work from the office, from home or the road.

Toll free and/or local numbers
VoiceMailTel offers you the option of a Toll Free 800 Number. Reduce your communication costs by giving your costumers a cost-free way to contact you. In addition, a local number can increase your customers’ comfort level by showing them you know the local business.

Stay accessible anytime and anywhere
The VoiceMailTel Real Estate Virtual Phone Service allows you to stay on top of every opportunity with call forwarding and call transfer – no matter where you are. Transferring your incoming calls away from your office will make you more accessible while keeping your business line available for other incoming calls. You benefit from unrestrained mobility, and your callers can still reach you any time and anywhere; anyone dialing your Toll Free or local number will be routed to your cell, home, or office phones.

Up-to-date notification of new voice messages
Sometimes when you simply cannot be reached by customers, the result can be a lost sales opportunity. But it doesn’t have to be that way – VoiceMailTel offers you the option of picking up your voicemail messages by e-mail or via your online account, saving and playing them on your PC, or just simply them by phone. You can also receive text messages on your cell phone or PDA announcing you have new voicemail messages. In short, you will never miss an important message or new business opportunity.

No equipment to purchase or maintain
Unlike traditional phone systems, VoiceMailTel’s services are completely virtual – no hardware or software needed. You can access the service from any phone, whether mobile or regular touchpad phone, eliminating redundant paging services, fax machines, and cell phones.

Case Study

The Maria Howard Real Estate Company had 8 employees located in different cities. One of its biggest problems was how to provide a single company contact phone number for service calls, sales prospects, and calls from existing customers. The company leadership knew they were losing sales because they had very little control over how inbound calls were answered and directed, but faced budgetary concerns as they considered how to solve the problem.

VoiceMailTel installed a Toll Free 800 Number. All incoming callers are now greeted and prompted to enter a selection. Callers hear the following: “Thank you for calling Maria Howard Real Estate Company! If you know your party’s extension, please dial it now. For company information or to learn more about our services dial 1. For Sales, dial 2. For Customer Support, dial 3. For Marketing, dial 4. For a dial-by-name directory, dial 8. Dial 0, or hold, to speak to a customer representative.”

Clients can now dial this main Toll Free 800 Number, hear the company’s announcements, and have their calls directed to the person or department they wish to reach. Using our VoiceMailTel Service has helped the Maria Howard Real Estate Company project a stronger image to its customers – the image of an efficient and well organized major business. Sales have doubled in less than six months, and customers are much more satisfied with the services they are receiving now.

Save 99.00 CAD/month by ordering now our Promotional Package including Toll Free number, Directory by name, Voicemail Web Interface, 50 mailboxes and more features for only 19.99 CAD! (Standard price 118.99 CAD/month)