Call Demo Number



Instructions:  “Thank you for calling ABC Incorporated services! Next is a demo presentation of how our service works. In this case the company presented has a sales department, a customer support department marketing department and an info mailbox using virtual extensions.

Pressing Options 1, 2, 3 and 4 will prompt the narrator to explain the call flow process. Option 4 is an example of how the Virtual Extensions work.

Please remember that you can press the 0 key at any time to contact a VoiceMailTel representative. Press the 9 key to navigate to the main menu at any time

Auto Attendant:  “If you know your party’s extension please enter it now: for sales press 1, for customer support press 2, for marketing press 3, to learn more about our products and services press 4. To repeat this message please press 7.

Option 1:  “You have reached the sales mailbox; callers will be placed on hold with music, while they are transferred to Tom’s cell phone, if Tom will not answer to his cell phone the call will be transferred to his office. Finally, if Tom is not available at either location, the caller will be transferred to Bill’s cell phone. If none will be able to answer the call the call will be placed to the mailbox.

Option 2:This is the customers support mailbox. Callers will be transferred to Jack’s cell phone. If Jack doesn’t answer, the call will be transferred to Tom’s cell phone and finally into mailbox if no one is available.

Option 3:This is the marketing mailbox. Callers will be transferred to Bill’s cell phone, and finally into mailbox if he is not available.

Option 4:Thank you for your interest in ABC Incorporated, we give companies the great image they need in their ventures. Press 1 to learn more about our services for small businesses or press 2 for corporate service.

Option (4) 1:  “ABC Incorporated can give your small business a competitive image by providing consulting services from former managers and founders of multimillion dollar companies. Our services range from strategy development to marketing.

Option (4) 2:  “In today’s economy, corporations need to function as programmatic as possible to survive, and only those with the highest efficiency will become profitable. Let ABC Incorporated provide your corporation with the planning, strategy and analysis it requires.