VoiceMailTel Meet

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Connect with your team virtually through VoiceMailTel Meet! Video conferencing and screen sharing gets easy without needing to log in, as you usually need to with other popular alternatives.

With VoiceMailTel Meet you can have a large number of participants joining the video conference anytime and anywhere from a desktop, laptop or a mobile device.

VoiceMailTel Meet is secure and fully encrypted therefore ensuring the safety of all communications and participants of the video conference.

This new service with the tools embedded in will improve your team’s efficiency, teamwork, collaboration and will lead to better results for your team as it will help to reduce or eliminate some of the factors leading to project delays, not meeting deadlines such as inconsistent communication, poor planning and lack of cohesion between your team members.

VoiceMailTel Meet Features

Video conferencing: Change the dynamics of your meetings with face-to-face video and high-quality audio conferencing. This will help all participants to be more engaged during the entire conference no matter the physical distances.

Screen sharing: All your video conference participants can share their screens at any time to show any information they want to share with others found on their desktop, laptop or mobile devices screens.

Chat: The video conference participants can easily communicate in writing through the chat available in Meetings to not interrupt the discussions taking place at that time or if they need to relay a quick message to any of their team members.

Desktop/ Mobile Availability: You will be able to connect with your team instantly as this new service is available anytime and anywhere from desktop or mobile devices.

On-hand tools:

  • Raise your hand:

Through the raise your hand tool your video conference participants can at any time raise their hands to join the discussions or ask questions.

  • Private messages:

As the video conference organizer, you can send private messages to any of the meeting participants. As well, any of your meeting participants can send a private message to you as an organizer. This tool will help you to keep the discussion fluid and avoid interrupting the team members speaking.

  • Share a YouTube video:

You or your team members can share and stream any YouTube video with this service to be viewed by all those attending the video conference.

  • Mute/Hide:

You can mute and/or hide any or all of the video conference participants at the start of the video conference or during the video conference if needed.


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