What is VoiceMailTel Meet?

VoiceMailTel Meet is a service that helps you and your team to connect online through video conferencing and screen sharing without the need to set up an account.
VoiceMailTel Meet is available anytime, anywhere from desktop or mobile devices.

How many participants can be invited to join a video conference?

VoiceMailTel Meet allows you to have up to 100 participants join the meeting, with unlimited session times.

How do I schedule a video conference?

After signing in your account on the link https://meet.voicemailtel.com/, click on the “Schedule Meeting” button, provide a meeting title, check to provide a password (optional), select the start time, the timezone, the meeting duration and lastly click on the “Schedule” button.

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How do I host a video conference?

You can host a meeting going to https://meet.voicemailtel.com/ and clicking the “Host Meeting” button. You can select from the options available for the meeting (with video on, with video off, screen sharing only) and also provide a room password to make sure that only those invited can join.

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Do I need an account to use VoiceMailTel Meet?

A VoiceMailTel Meet account is not required for joining a meeting.

How much does VoiceMailTel Meet cost?

There are 2 plans available: Free and Professional.

Free Plan:

  • Up to 50 participants
  • Unlimited 1-1 video conferences
  • Screen sharing

Business Plan – CAD$14.99:

  • Up to 100 participants
  • Unlimited 1-1 video conferences
  • Unlimited team video conferences
  • Screen sharing
  • Phone support

Enterprise Plan – CAD$19.99:

  • Unlimited participants
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 24/7 Support
  • Desktop client
  • Calendar support

Do I need a webcam to join VoiceMailTel Meet?

You are not required to have a webcam to join a VoiceMailTel Meet session. If you don’t have a webcam, you will not be able to stream show yourself, however, you will be able to share your screen, send private messages, raise your hand to speak during the meeting, send a quick message through the chat available and view the other participants.

How do I invite others to join my video conference?

You can invite others to join by sharing the link of the video conference via email or through other methods of communication available.

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Can I share my screen?

Yes, all video conference participants can share their desktop, laptop or mobile devices screens.

How do I share my screen?

Click the button “Share your screen” and then select the screen that you would like to share if you have more than one.

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Can I use VoiceMailTel Meet from my mobile?

Yes, you can use VoiceMailTel Meet from your mobile.

To access VoiceMailTel Meet from your mobile you need to first download the Jitsi app from Play Store for Android and from App Store for iOS. You can create a meeting or join one by clicking “Enter room name” and after you named the video conference or entered the URL of the room you want to join, press CREATE / JOIN.

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Is VoiceMailTel Meet secure?

The video conferences are secure and fully encrypted therefore ensuring the safety of all communications and participants of the video conference.

Can I send private messages?

As the organizer of the video conference, you can send private messages to any of the participants. Also, all video conference participants can send private messages to the organizer of the meeting.

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Can I share a YouTube video?

Yes. You and all the video conference participants can share and stream a YouTube video to be viewed by all those attending the video conference.
To share a YouTube video, click “More actions”, then click on “Share a YouTube video”, paste the URL address in the “Share a video” pop-up window and lastly click on the “Share” button.

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Can I mute/hide a participant?

You can mute and/or hide any of the participants from the beginning or during the video conference.

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Can I record my video conferences?

Yes. The organizer can record the video conferences for later review or sharing, however, currently, it only can be recorded when using the mobile app.
To start a recording in a VoiceMailTel Meet video conference, press More options and click on Start recording.

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