Business Phone Service Features

VoiceMailTel’s Virtual Office is designed for entrepreneurs and busy professionals – smart people who are used to taking charge. We know that all you need to achieve easy and affordable control over your company’s communications are the right tools.

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VoiceMailTel Business Phone Service is the most comprehensive and affordable communication service on the market today for small and home-based businesses and mobile workers. Our solution will help you grow your business faster, and improve your image at the same time. Why settle for less? Our Virtual Office is the right choice for you! VoiceMailTel offers you Local Numbers from over 90 Canada and United States areas and a large variety of Custom or Random Toll Free Numbers.

The VoiceMailTel Business Phone Service works with any phone from anywhere in the world and the greatest thing about it is that it doesn’t require any additional equipment or software to purchase or to maintain. VoiceMailTel helps your business to sound more professional, with a live-recorded main greeting, various possibilities of managing incoming calls with multiple extensions for employees or departments.

The Virtual Office from VoiceMailTel is the most complete business phone service available on the market providing you with: Toll Free 800 Number, unlimited incoming calls on local numbers and multiple extensions with their own call forwarding number and voicemail, multiple mailboxes for storing voice messages as audio attachments.

Toll Free Numbers Choose the right Toll Free number for your business:

  • regular number (866, 877)
  • traditional number (800)
  • vanity (custom) number (e.g. 866-CallHim)
Local Numbers Save money by choosing an area code that makes good business sense – especially if you don’t work and live in the same telephone exchange.
Virtual Extensions Create the impression of a single office, even if you and your employees work from different locations.
Music On Hold Reflect your business image with the music you play to on-hold callers. You can even make announcements to help customers or promote your products.
Call Waiting Don’t miss a call. Call waiting allows you to put one call on hold while you answer a second call – and alternate between the two.
Caller ID Don’t miss the call you’ve been waiting for. You see the name and number of the caller when your phone starts to ring.
Message Notification You won’t forget about important messages. A message is sent to your e-mail, alerting you when you have new voicemail messages.
Call History See who called, the phone number, the date, time, length, and result of the call. With your web-based VoiceMailTel portal you have all the information you need.
Call Transfer Our Call Transfer Feature makes it easy to transfer incoming calls and connect workers, even when they are in different locations.
Fax Send and Receive Send and receive faxes using your e-mail with this internet-based fax service. No equipment required.
Voicemail Choose from professional greetings and multiple delivery options. Get your voicemail by e-mail, through your online account, or over the phone.
Voicemail Manager Put yourself in control. Get voicemail online, by e-mail, or by phone. Customize and select the greeting that suits your business.
Call Queue Answer your multiple calls in the order they arrived, while giving your callers options to get off hold. When callers choose to hold, you are notified with a beep. If multiple callers are waiting, you can decide which call to take first.
Call Reports Analyze when, why, and where so you can understand your incoming and outgoing call cost. Cut costs by understanding your expenses.
Call Forwarding Re-route callers who dial your toll-free or local number. Direct calls to wherever you are working – to your cell, home, or office phone.
Virtual Calling Card & Call Back Use your local or toll-free phone number to place calls from any phone – just like a calling card. It’s convenient, safe, and inexpensive.
Directory Improve your business image with a dial-by-name directory. The directory gives callers departments and employees – and permits dialing by first or last name.
Custom Greetings Get your custom greetings and music-on-hold professionally recorded – then upload them to your account. We’ve collaborated with a voicemail production service to help you with your professional recording needs.
VoiceMailTel Portal Access system set-up options, call forwarding numbers, call reports, account history, billing, and administration tools instantly via the web.
Call Me Now Allow website visitors to call you with the click of a mouse. Make it easy for people anywhere in the world to call you toll-free.
Automated Call Recording This feature enables you to record automatically all incoming and outgoing calls in your company. Protect your business from misunderstandings and ensure your customers’ satisfaction.
Call Recording Call Recording can be used to improve customer service, resolve customer disputes, enhance employee productivity, and meet contractual obligations. Now you don’t need any equipment to do it.
Conference It’s an On-Demand Audio Conference, ideal for users with regularly scheduled meetings as the bridge is open 24/7. No reservations are required.


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