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Overview Custom Greetings, a VoiceMailTel feature

VoiceMailTel’s Custom Greetings featureWith VoiceMailTel’s Custom Greetings feature you can greet your callers with a message that represents your company and with options that fit your company structure. You project a professional image of your business to your clients.

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Custom Greetings feature opportunities

The Custom Greetings feature allows you to customize the greetings on your VoiceMailTel virtual phone system. Whether it’s temporary greetings for special occasions or standard greetings for everyday use, you decide the voice and the message.

Build-in your marketing messages to help your callers understand your products or services. Use your custom greetings to help grow sales. Employees with private mailboxes can record their own personal, customised greetings. You control the message.

Decide which options to give your customers. For example, instruct customers to dial 1 for sales, 2 for support, 8 to dial by name, or 0 for the operator. It’s easy to set the rules. You can do it yourself.

VoiceMailTel offers you the option of professionally recorded messages as custom greetings. We have partnered with professionals to help you sound the best you can. You can get professional help.

It’s simple, with VoiceMailTel’s Custom Greetings feature.

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How Custom Greetings feature works

With VoiceMailTel’s custom greetings, you project a professional image by giving callers the right message at the right time.

What is Custom Greetings?

  • The VoiceMailTel Custom Greetings feature allows you to customize the greetings on your virtual phone system.
  • You can make compelling greetings for the main line, and specialized greetings for individual departments and extensions.
  • You choose the message.

How to record Custom Greetings by phone?

Main greeting:

  • Press * then wait for the message to start
  • Press 5 then wait for the message to start
  • Enter extension 200
  • Enter the extension password
  • Press 1, then record the message


  • Press * then wait for the message to start
  • Press 1
  • Enter the extension then wait for the message
  • Enter the extension password then wait for the message
  • Press 0
  • Choose what you want to record: unavailable message, busy message, temporary greeting, or your name



How long can a Custom Greeting be?

A greeting can be as long as 5 minutes.

You can upload a short greeting, or make a longer, informative message that describes a product or service in detail.

How are greetings recorded?

To record your own greeting, call your main phone number and select the Features option.

You can also have your message professionally recorded through VoiceMailTel. Call us to find out more.


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