VoiceMailTel announces a new feature of its Business Phone Service – Voicemail to Text!


voicemail to text

We are glad to announce that a new feature will be available for all our customers to test for free until January 31st! Voicemail transcription will allow you to respond to messages faster, act like a missed call notifier and turn all missed calls into text notes.


How it works

As soon as you get a voicemail message our system will transcribe it into text for your convenience. Even when you are on the move, VoiceMailTel will convert your voicemail to convenient text messages and deliver them to your inbox. You can then chose how to reply to the caller.

Say goodbye to lost notes while listening to voicemails in a crowded and noisy public space or office environment.


What is the accuracy of the VoiceMailTel transcription service?

Voice to text is still a new technology but the accuracy of your transcription should be around 65%, if the message is in English and the environment noise level is low.

How secure are my transcripts?

No human will ever see your messages as they are translated automatically by the VoiceMailTel system.

How many transcriptions can I get a month?

That depends on your subscription.

If someone leaves a voicemail without talking am I getting charged?

You are only charged for successful transcriptions

How long does it take to transcribe a message?

It may take up to 5 minutes depending on the length of the message you have received

Can I still have an audio copy of the message?

VoiceMailtel will still deliver the audio recording of all the messages you received.

How can I activate Message transcription?

Please send an email to sales@voicemailtel.com

I am not receiving my transcriptions. What Can I do?

If you are not receiving your transcriptions, please call VoiceMailTel support at 866-686-4236, via email at support@voicemailtel.com or via our 24/7 Chat service on www.voicemailtel.com