Healthcare Services


Healthcare Services


The healthcare profession is constantly under pressure to streamline itself, to reduce costs and to improve the quality of care.

For clinics, community health centers and other healthcare providers, communication is a critical part of keeping patients – and practices – safe. The need to always be reachable is one of the biggest in this system.

The telephone system is a lifeline, both for your patients and your practice. As a Healthcare Pro, you want to provide the best service to your patients, allowing them to reach you in an emergency and making sure all calls are handled promptly, but you also need to be in control of your time and your office operations.

The healthcare system needs flexible communications systems that enable staff and practitioners to make quick and informed decisions. VoiceMailTel offers Phone Services for healthcare that integrates your existing phone system and data network using VoIP and IP technology, increasing productivity, patient satisfaction and administrative efficiency. Our Phone Service improves the communication for everyone involved in a given patient’s care and allows you to provide information to patients, practitioners and staff 24/7.


A big-business image at a small-business price
Office and cell phones are indispensable for any Healthcare Service, but those are major costs, too. A respectable Healthcare service needs to inspire trust to its clients, that’s why a big business image is required. VoiceMailTel has the solution to your needs.

Toll Free or/and a local number
VoiceMailTel offers the choice of a Toll Free 800 Number to reduce all your communication costs and to supply your patients and partners with a cost-free method to contact you, a vital part of your business. In the Healthcare Service you need to be close to your patients, that’s why a Local Number is absolutely vital.

Stay accessible anytime and anywhere
With VoiceMailTel Healthcare Virtual Phone Service, you will be always reachable for your patients because if in need, your incoming calls will be transferred away from your office and so making your phone line available for other incoming calls as well. The advantage is that you will no longer restrain your mobility and your callers will be able to contact you at any time; callers who dialed your Toll Free or local number will be routed to your cell, home, and office phones.

Up-to-date notification of new voice messages
Sometimes your phone has its signal low or is even unreachable. VoiceMailTel offers you the possibility to pick up voicemail messages in email or on your on-line account and listen over your PC – or pick up by phone. You will also get text messages on your cell phone or PDA alerting you about new voicemail messages. The advantage of this facility is that you will no longer miss an important message and so you will be able to provide a professional service to your clients.

No equipment to purchase or maintain
Unlike traditional phone systems, VoiceMailTel’s services are totally virtual and don’t need any hardware or software for using them. You’ll be able to access the system from any phone, be it mobile or regular touchpad phone, and so to eliminate redundant paging services, fax machines and cell phones.

Case Study

Midwest Chicago Center is a private medical service with its employees being constantly on the move so it needed a more reliable and flexible way to communicate between one another or directly with the center even while travelling as communication is vital for their patients’ health. Their budget wasn’t an impressive one, so they needed a cost-effective solution as well.

When a caller dials the Center’s main number he will be greeted by a pleasant voice: “Thank you for calling Midwest Chicago Center! For emergencies dial 1. For general information about our services dial 2. To speak with a representative dial 3. To find more about our services, please access our website.”

VoiceMailTel’s Service for Healthcare was the ideal choice. Now the Center’s staff has a convenient and more reliable communications system that enables them to be more mobile. Also, the Center’s administration staff has a more manageable system that allows full control of any and every communication action. Clients and personnel can call their Toll Free 800 Number without incurring and costs, a perfect solution for emergency situations. More and more people choose the center’s services as they hear only praising words about it.

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