Emergency Notification Service

Software created by VoiceMailTel for AMI Associate Marketing.


Mass Emergency Alert -

The Emergency Notification Service or Mass Emergency Alert is a time-saving tool that enables your company to easily, quickly and effectively contact a large number of people in an emergency situation. It allows you to send multiple notification messages to a distribution list and simultaneously broadcast your message to the people you need to reach, with delivery confirmation.

  • Integration and execution of all AMI Plans (e.g Emergency, BCP, DRP, Pandemic)
  • Maintains your company distribution list that is part of your plans
  • Control panel management to launch and execute your plans
  • Uses multiple channel distribution which provides statistics on delivery confirmation (e.g. SMS, call, email, automated response, live response)
  • Visualize the status for each resource notified
  • Analyze data collected from the location that enabled the
    decision-maker to activate the correct plan

AMI Business Resilience Inc. makes every effort to consult Subject Matter Experts. We provide proven guidelines, processes and product solutions to help individuals and organizations prepare for emergencies.

This automated Emergency Notification Service will enable your company to better manage an emergency situation, whether the incident occurs on-site or off-site.

Emergency procedures are designed to follow an emergency incident from the time of discovery to the conclusion, as well as post-incident follow up of the incident.

Important advantages of Mass Emergency Alert:

  • Specifically designed for emergency management and
    response used to access critical documentation and contact
    information stored in the database
  • Automatically collects up-to-date documents and contact
    information from internal or external systems
  • Pushes this information to phone devices
  • Pushed information is automatically stored in the phones
    cache memory
  • Ensures information is available when the users need it,
    even if your systems are down or unreachable