Legal Services

Legal Services


The last decade has seen a major rebranding across the legal service’s landscape. Forced by the constantly increasing competition for the top clients, law firms are struggling to stay in the business. Clients demand new services and more immediate access to attorneys and information. In order to make this possible, law firms have to use high-value competitive communication services. The market is forcing law firms to maximize their efficiency and explore new ways of streamlining business operations.

Also, everyday law firms increasingly recognize that innovative applications can help them differentiate themselves from the competition by delivering superior client service. For attorneys or other legal professionals, quality communication with their clients and partners is vital for achieving their goals.

Legal Pro’s are under continuous pressure 24/7 in order to be responsive around the clock, both inside and outside the office, to respond to get in touch with clients, they will need a responsive communication tool, wherever they are. VoiceMailTel’s Legal Service Phone Service increases your customer care efficiency, call handling, to dynamically connect people. Our solution becomes a strategic asset to the growth and success of your firm functioning as a link across multiple offices – regardless of geographic location.


Have an image like a big business at a low cost
To get more clients, a Legal Service must have a professional image as they prefer to work with big companies, rather than small firms. Office and cell phones, fax equipment and more are the major costs for the companies involved in the Legal Service. VoiceMailTel comes with the solution tp all these problems.

Get a toll free or/and a local number
VoiceMailTel offers the choice of a Toll Free 800 Number to reduce all your communication costs and to supply your clients with a cost-free method to contact you. As you may know, clients prefer to work with firms from their city or area which know better the Legal business in that city/area. VoiceMailTel offers you the choice of our Local Number feature which will get you closer to your clients and make them choose your legal service.

Connect your offices at no cost
Now you can create the impression of a single office, regardless of whether you and your employees work from different locations. That ensures your costumers of your professional approach and increases their interest in using your services.

Be reachable anytime and anywhere
With VoiceMailTel Floral Virtual Phone System your incoming calls will be transferred away from your office so that you are more accessible and your main line is available for other incoming calls as well. The advantage is that you will no longer restrain your mobility and your callers will be able to contact you at any time; callers who dialed your Toll Free or local number will be routed to your cell, home, and office phones. That means more satisfied clients.

Customize messages to suit your business needs
Provide your callers with information about your Legal Services, while they are on hold, also giving them a small incentive to hang on. Or you can simply choose your favorite music-on-hold professionally recorded, and then upload the recordings to your account.

Get notified about new voice messages
There are times when you simply cannot be reached by your clients or partners. VoiceMailTel offers you the possibility to pick up voicemail messages in emails or on your on-line account and play those over your PC – or pick up by phone. You will also get text messages on your cell phone or PDA alerting you about new voicemail messages. The advantage of this facility is that you will no longer miss an important message and so, a client or a new business opportunity.

No equipment to purchase or maintain
Unlike traditional phone systems, VoiceMailTel’s services are totally virtual and don’t need any hardware or software for using them. You’ll be able to access the system from any phone, be it mobile or regular touchpad phone, and so to eliminate redundant paging services, fax machines and cell phones.

Case Study

Sparks & Son is a home-based Legal Service owned by 2 persons that opened not long ago. As a starting business, they observed that slow communication is one of their biggest problems. They are almost all the time out of office and clients have problems reaching them when in Court. Besides that, the telephone bills are constantly growing.

The firm now has a professional greeting that welcomes its callers: “Thank you for calling Sparks & Son! For information about our services dial 1. For talking to John Sparks dial 2. For talking to Ethan Sparks dial 3. To place a message dial 0.”

VoiceMailTel’s service for Legal businesses offered them a Toll Free 800 Number and costs instantly decreased. Clients have now the option of leaving voicemails, or to hold in queue while listening to Sparks & Son’s advertisements and information about their services. This way no messages are lost anymore. The new cost-free method to contact the firm increased considerably the number of customers.

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