What are my benefits?

Why is VoiceMailTel Virtual Phone Service the best way to improve your small/home-based business’ image? Our service provides your business Custom Greetings, Auto Attendant, Multiple Extensions, Toll Free 800 Numbers, Local Numbers and many other facilities, in a way your company image will be improved and you will feel no longer that complex of being a small company. Our services are best applied in case of business meetings and/or company presentations, offering our customers a fully-functional Virtual Office.

A big business image at a small business price

For small businesses, to buy an expensive PBX (private branch exchange) system to juggle extensions, conference calls, and voicemail is not the best option. The best solution is a Virtual PBX or Virtual Phone Service, which doesn’t require new hardware and is managed via the Internet. Your company gets a main number from VoiceMailTel and then routes all calls through it to internet phones or other lines, be it a mobile phone or a home-office phone abroad (all documentation and assistance will be supplied by us). You can also avoid long-distance charges by routing calls via VoIP by using a Toll Free 800 Number or/and a Local Number with your account and your company will have a much better and effective image, like the one of a big, established business.

Stay accessible anytime and anywhere

Using Virtual Phone Service you can route all calls to mobile phones, home phones or internet phones. You can be reachable anytime and anywhere. Even if your mobile phone is not reachable or has no signal coverage, or you don’t have the immediate opportunity to use your internet phone, your callers will be handled by the service and routed to the voicemail. You can later review your calls by accessing the Call History Report and call your callers back.

Forward incoming calls to mobile phones, or voicemail

You are out of the office for some reason or your employees are on the move? That is not a problem! Your customers will be able to contact you using your unique number. All calls can be forwarded to other mobile phones or home phones. If you are in a meeting and you can’t answer, VoiceMailTel features the opportunity for your callers to leave a message, that way you will not be disturbed, and still get all the news.

Customize messages to suit your business needs

By default, the service is configured with some standard messages. You can customize all these messages to better suit your business needs. You can organize the Auto Attendant script to work with departments, offices, persons, business hours and after business hours and much more. Virtual Phone Service will help you improve your communication with the clients and also the image of your company.

Up-to-date notification of new voice messages

In some situations, some customers need your help after business hours too, when you maybe want to disconnect your mobile phone and relax. Now we offer you an alternative, a way to delimit working hours and personal spare time without losing your customers’ trust though! Your callers will be able to leave voice messages on your Mailbox which you can answer as soon as possible without losing any information. Using an Email Enabled Cell Phone you can send all notifications to your mobile phone with no additional cost at all.

Connect your offices at no extra cost

By using Internet Phones (hardware devices or computer software) you will be able to place calls between your extensions at no costs. For example, VoiceMailTel offers you the opportunity to have one office in Canada and one office in India and the communication costs between the two will be zero!

Make long distance calls at low rates

The Mobile Phone Rates could be a problem for small or/and medium companies when it comes to abroad customers or partners, but now VoiceMailTel has a solution for this, too. As our customer, you will be able to use the Calling Card feature of your Virtual Phone Service with the benefit of our much lower rates. That way, on your mobile phone you will have a local or free call and on your account you will have a long distance or international call at very low rates.

You own the numbers

The best thing about our service is that you will own the numbers with no restrictions from our side, so if you decide to switch to another provider you will be able to do this change anytime you want.

No equipment to purchase or maintain, no long-term contracts to sign

Why buying expensive PBX and sign long-term contracts that can significantly increase your costs? Our company requires no contracts, you won’t need to purchase any hardware because ours is a hosted service, and you can add numbers from anywhere in the world at our special, low costs.

30 days Free Trial

We offer you the opportunity to test our service for 1 month with one standard Toll Free 800 Number and all the features. You can forward your main number to the temporary Toll Free and start testing the service. If you decide that this is what you want then you can skip the trial, add more extra-features and transfer your existing numbers at VoiceMailTel. You have no risk and there is no cost to test our service. Order now and get your free trial.