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“We originally used Vonage as our service provider for our small business office because they were the “big name company” so we thought they would be the best. Man, we were wrong! Vonage charged us more than they quoted because they quoted us in USD even though we are located in Canada which is absurd. Whenever we had an issue we would sit on hold for at least half an hour just to talk to somebody that would transfer us to someone else. After 8 months we had had enough and looked for a new provider. We chose to go with Voicemailtel and we couldn’t be happier with our decision. Our monthly bill is about 1/3 the cost compared to Vonage for the exact same services! And I can’t say enough about the customer service – we call in and talk to somebody right away and they do whatever it takes to get the problem solved. Switching from Vonage to Voicemailtel was super easy because of their technical support team, so if you’re thinking of making the switch you won’t regret it. If you’re looking for a VOIP provider, choose Voicemailtel.”   Bryson Humphrey, PFS Canada

“Great service. Better and less expensive than the big telephone companies we all love to hate.”  Don Byers, CPE Systems

“ We are really enjoying your service – it has saved us $1000s/annually!!” Jeff Knoll, Film.ca Inc

 ”For the past five years, VoiceMailTel has provided professional and efficient service to my business.”

  Tom Merson, Tom Merson Consulting

“VoiceMailTel phone service has worked great for us! We can even have our receptionist answer at the office and transfer the calls to us in the field – as if we were right down the hall! We have received so many compliments on the Auto-Attendant feature – we have even referred 4 customers! Thanks, VoiceMailTel!”

Anthony J., Firms Hosting Inc.

“We switched to VoiceMailTel from [another provider], and for all of the right reasons. Great customer service, awesome features, and no hidden fees. Keep up the great work!”

Lumi Bica, Central Organization Inc.

“VoiceMailTel helped us give a great impression to our customers – instead of having an unprofessional looking cell phone number on our homepage we can have a virtual PBX system, with both local and Toll Free numbers. The call forward feature is great for us, since a lot of our business is done from home or on the road. Overall, it’s a great product with a ton of awesome features that has significantly improved the way we do business.”

John B., FiatLux Solution

“VoiceMailTel has provided us a great routing and call forwarding communication solution for a consulting business where we have offices and projects in different locations.”

A.M. Dobrin, The Bans Consulting Group

“Greetings! My name is Maria Grand, I handle PR in a small Real Estate business that started working with your system not long ago. I am writing to you to express our gratitude and satisfaction with your services. When at first I presented your offer to my boss, he was little confident, but reviewing your rates he permitted me to sign up for your 30 Days Free Trial. We have few employees in the company, but all of us are constantly on the move and the communication within the company or even with the costumers was a bit scarce and chaotic. Now that we have your virtual phone service we can maintain perfect contact between each other and with our customers and partners, too. Costs have decreased and our company is evolving much faster. Our partners said they will choose your service as well. So thank you for the services you provided us!”

Maria Grand, Best Homes Chicago

“We are a small healthcare company taking care of the people from our area. As good communication between us and the patients is vital, VoiceMailTel helped us a lot. We not only pay much less than we used to, but we have a Virtual Office that permits us to be mobile and still take any calls. It’s a great service, we are very satisfied.”

Roger Jordan, Jordan’s HCA

“When we started our company we thought to succeed in the field of publishing and distributing Mathematics’ merchandising was almost an impossible aim with all the costs involved and above all, with such strong competition. We are 3 partners, always on the move, always in a hurry and always trying to find new ways of advertising our company. We found out about VoiceMailTel’s service and we thought we should give it a try. I can tell you now we have a great image, like the ones big companies have, that instantly increased our sales and our clients’ trust in us. We have greater liberty of move now as our clients can reach us anywhere and anytime as we enabled our calls to be redirected on our mobile phones and as we have virtual extensions, our clients can reach any of us, without waiting anymore. A great improvement for our company: a cost-effective solution that gave us a break in the business.”

John Bradley, Mathematics Toronto Ltd.

“Being a small business dealing with large clients, VoiceMailTel offered us the possibility to “stay up” with the competition and now our company is at the same level of communication with the big companies. And the best thing is that we are paying a small fraction from what they are paying for the same services. We declare ourselves a satisfied VoiceMailTel client, we will recommend your service to our friends and partners, for sure.”

Jerry Brown, Willow Woods Inc.

“I am a young floral shop-owner and VoiceMailTel customer. Your service helped me out a lot; now instead of unprofessionally listing my cell phone number on my website, I have a Toll Free which increases my chances of getting new clients. One of my friends was amazed by it, he didn’t believe I was the man behind this business, and when I told him about the costs, he was simply shocked. I am paying a small fraction of what big companies are and still have an appearance like theirs. Thanks, VoiceMailTel.”

Mario Green, Rosen Floral Shop

“My name is Albert Robinson. Recently I’ve started my own floral small home-based business. From the start I must be very careful with my expenses so I had to search for a more cost-convenient communication method, so I found out about your service. The features that convinced me were the no hardware/software installation and the big business image given by your service. Now I have a great image in front of my customers, inspiring professionalism and trust in my company, and all this at low costs, which is making my business grow faster and faster.”

Albert Robinson, Albert’s Flowers

“VoiceMailTel is a NOT TO MISS service! I have tried several services before but either the quality wasn’t reliable, or the high rates were closing down my small business. I found out about VoiceMailTel from a fellow notary who’s working with your service. I called him and I was welcomed by such a professional greeting that I thought he expanded his office overnight. To tell you the truth the customized greeting almost convinced me to chose his services, haha, but instead I chose VoiceMailTel’s and now I am so satisfied I did it that the smallest thing to do in exchange was to write this testimonial. Now I have such a professional image that clients are more and more every day and the best thing is that me and my 3 employees can handle all calls thanks to the Virtual Extensions, and the best thing is, now I can give my callers more information about my services without losing any time and without they spending anything on the call. Thanks, VoiceMailTel!”

Donald Clarkson, Clarkson’s Chancery

“As a manufacturing company, our products’ number is always increasing and we try to have special offers all the time, but until now advertising them was a huge financial effort from our side. With VoiceMailTel’s service now we have a targeted advertising campaign directly on our phone system and the best thing about it it’s that costs have incredibly diminished, so the company is growing faster and sales are better and better.”

Gary Prest, Vista Services

“We are a home-based casting company providing actors for movies, TV shows and commercials. People do usually call before applying their resumes, so the number of calls exceeds our possibilities to answer. We started working with VoiceMailTel not long time ago, but I can tell you we are very satisfied now. Not only clients and actors have a better, more powerful image of our business, but the best thing is now we can answer all calls without the need to stay near our home-phone as it was until now. Business is doing great, and we are much more productive. Thanks!”

Helen Mist, Vista Castings

“I have a small management company taking care of several music groups. Until now I had some problems satisfying all their needs of calling everyone from organizers to producers, from possible sponsors to music magazines. The costs were enormous and I had serious doubts about whether I should continue or not, but I found out about your services from a friend and gave it a try, although I was not confident enough. At first I was pleasantly surprised of your small rates, and now, after 3 months of working with your Virtual Office, I can handle it all: using my Toll Free number anyone can call me and have no costs, thanks to the Call Transfer feature I am no longer tied to the office and also the Calling Card helps me a lot to call from everywhere I am. And I should not forget about the small rates. I am glad I chose your service.”

Adam Red, Adam Red Management

“We at themotts.ca have been Voicemailtel customers for almost 4 years now. It’s the best
way for a small business to sound like a big one!
We count on them daily. Running our talk show through our website we contact guests throughout North America. We couldn’t do what we do without Voicemailtel. In an industry
where technical problems can take you by surprise now and again, Voicemailtel has never let us down, providing high quality, reliable service. It works for us, it will work for you!”

Paul and Carol Mott, themotts.ca