Referral Program


Referral Program

The VoiceMailTel Referral Program, also known as the Rewards Program, is specially designed for our loyal customers and can reduce their monthly phone bills tremendously. Without a doubt, at this moment our Referral Program is the most rewarding in Canada, as most similar programs are rewarding participants with 10, 15, 20, or even 25 percent discount while VoiceMailTel rewards you with a bold 100%.

If you are a satisfied VoiceMailTel customer, why not tell your friends and business partners about our service and at the same time be rewarded for this?


There are two available referral options:


1. Recommend VoiceMailTel to friends and business partners – add your friend’s name and email address and send them a message; we have already written a message but that’s just to save you time, you can always edit it or even delete it and write your own message;


2. Refer a business to VoiceMailTel – share the contact details of a business partner or friend who could benefit from our services and we’ll do the rest. When your referral becomes a VoiceMailTel customer with at least one month of paid services, you will get one month of free service. It’s that easy!


Both options can save you a lot of money, for example, if 12 of your friends or business partners become VoiceMailTel customers, you will receive FREE VoiceMailTel service for a year!


And here is how you keep track of all your actions: in the My Rewards section you will have a set of General Statistics, but you will also have access to all recommending emails you sent to friends and partners you recommended to VoiceMailTel, and also their current status (if they are an active customer or not, if they ordered the trial account or paid service, and if they already paid their first invoice and you should be entitled to your free one month service from VoiceMailTel).


Word of mouth is the best form of recommendation.

If you feel we offer a good level of service, why not tell someone. For every new customer, opening an account with us from your referral, you get 1 month free on your monthly package!

With only a few referrals you may cover your phone bills for a whole year!


Possible monthly saving through our Referral Program:


*chart based on only 1 Start package referral / month


For more information, contact our sales department or check the Rewards tab on your VoiceMailTel portal account.


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