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Education is about working with the community and good communication is the key to building a strong community. Students may spend several hours a day away from home in school. Colleges and Universities are looking for technologies that will make education more affordable and more accessible for students and for the educational staff. Whether it’s phone-based registration or a simple hotline, parents and students are increasingly expecting schools to provide them with self-service information.

A good phone service should make it easy for the educational staff to integrate and manage multiple campus locations from the same “roof” centralized system.

Thanks to the VoiceMailTel Educational Virtual Phone Service the communication will be simple; it provides you with that easy-to-use tool that will help your school better integrate in the community. It will make communication easier for everyone and will allow schools to provide information to parents, students and educational staff 24/7, whether it’s a hotline or school announcements.


A big-business image at a small-business price
Office and cell phones, fax equipment and indispensable for any Educational System, but they are expensive, too. VoiceMailTel comes with the perfect solution to reduce all related costs and upgrade your business image.

Toll free or/and a local number
VoiceMailTel offers the choice of a Toll Free 800 Number to reduce all the communication costs and to supply you with a Professional Virtual Office, the best method for everyone to contact you. Schools can improve the flow of communications between teachers, students, administrative staff and parents.

Up-to-date notification of new voice messages
With our VoiceMailTel products, schools can easily improve student security and confidentiality by voicemails directly to the educational staff, whom will be able to manage all messages about students, complains in one place, becoming easier to use and administer; all the hard work with obsolete traditional phone services will be replaced with some simple touches over the phone from your desk.

Customize messages to suit your business needs
Provide your callers with information about your Educational Service, while they are on hold, also giving them a small incentive to hang on. Their attention will so be captured and they will be also provided with your announcements, including student’s grades or absences, a very interesting point for any parent. Or you can simply choose your favorite music-on-hold professionally recorded, and then upload the recordings to your account.

Forward incoming calls to cell, or voicemail
With VoiceMailTel Educational Virtual Phone Service you have the possibility to enable your incoming calls to be transferred away from your office so that you are more accessible and your phone line is available for other incoming calls as well. The advantage is that parents will no longer have to encounter busy tones, and staff won’t have to worry about staying close to the phone; callers who dial your Toll Free or local number will be routed to your cell, home, and office phones.

Case Study

Learn With Us is an education company with 5 employees. They needed a new technology to improve their service standards and give more information in short time, at low costs, to their callers.

VoiceMailTel provided the company with a Toll Free 800 Number, that way, when callers contact Learn With Us they will be welcomed by the next greeting: “Thank you for calling Learn With Us! For Mr. Smith, the Principal, dial 1. For Monica, the PR Department, dial 2. For Tom, dial 3, For Mark, dial 4, For Sam, dial 5. Otherwise, please stay on the line for the operator”

Now, when calling the company, their customers get important news during the short time they are on hold, this way they are not nervous and eager anymore and get useful information. The company has a much better solution for a close communication with parents and even students and the satisfaction of their services increased substantially.

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