VoiceMailTel Berry for Blackberry

Tired of the old-fashion calling cards, of having to remember numbers and pins to call, and loosing precious time using them? VoiceMailTel Berry is the solution you dreamed of!

It’s simple! Install the application, activate it, and you will be always able to use it with a few clicks effort only.

The best part to it is that the application redirects your calls to the most cost effective routes, so you will save a lot on your cell phone bill.

You are traveling and don’t want to have Long Distance charges on your bill? No problem, VoiceMailTel Berry offers you a wide range of area codes to use. If for example you are from Toronto and traveling to Montreal, you can change the settings to your VoiceMailTel Berry application and it will work with a Montreal number. You will call long distance, but your call will be considered local.

VoiceMailTel Berry is designed for BlackBerry users. It can be used by VoiceMailTel existing customers or with your cell phone providers.


The application, once installed on your BlackBerry device will be ready to use, it integrates perfectly with your phone.
The application installs as a run-time component on your device.
You can place calls through the VoiceMailTel Phone System by using the “VMT Berry Call”.
VoiceMailTel Berry takes over your call and reroute it to the best cost effective route.

How to use it:

  • WARNING, before trying to figure out the dialing procedure please be advised: Do not use the green dialing key unless directed to do so by this guide. The application does not have any control passed this point and no Calling Card specific calls will be made.
  • Install the application by downloading VoiceMailTel Berry from https://berry.voicemailtel.com.
  • Start the Phone Book Application and highlight a contact name on the list or select one by clicking the track ball.
  • Use the BlackBerry Key to view the full command menu and select “VMT Berry Call”.
  • If your contact has multiple phone numbers, from the pop-up window highlight the desired contact phone number and click the track ball to call.
  • This is a prepaid service and you need an account with VoiceMailTel or your existing provider.


Extremely easy to use, VMT berry is the fastest Black Berry calling card on the market. Only one click away from your normal phone calls.

No PIN numbers
With VMT berry you won’t have to worry anymore of losing your PIN number. VMT Berry requires no pin.

Long Distance Calls at Local rates
Wherever you are you can choose a local number to call long distance at local rates.

All Calls are considered outgoing Local Calls
Purchase a Local Plan with your current carrier and you will have all long distance calls for free!

International Calls at the lowest rates
Make international calls through your local access numbers. It’s a direct call at the lowest rates on the market!

Saving Tips:

VMT Berry + Rogers MY5 plan

Exclusively from Rogers, MY5 is a great new feature that allows you to create your own calling circle. All you have to do is include the VMT Berry local number in your “MY5″ group and you will be able to place unlimited calls through the VMT Berry service.

With MY5, you can talk when you want, for as long as you want.

How does it work?

  • Subscribe to the MY5 $10/month add-on option
  • Include the VMT Berry number that you want to use as your gateway in your list of 5 Canadian based phone numbers.
  • Place local calls and long distance calls through the VMT Berry service

How to add MY5 to my account?

  • Sign on to rogers.com
  • Select “Manage my wireless services”
  • Select “Update my wireless essentials”
  • Select “MY5″ from the individual essentials list

You will now be ready to use the fastest and most advanced BlackBerry calling card service available on the market.

Apply now for your VoiceMailTel Berry Calling Card and start to enjoy all it offers in the way of cost savings, value, convenience and service.

For those who travel a lot across the country, as of this release there are 10 different City Gateways setup and ready to use. For example, in a normal calling card scenario, traveling from Toronto to Vancouver means purchasing a new calling card for Vancouver and taking the necessary setup steps. With VoiceMailTel Berry it’s fast and easy since you only have to select the new City Gateway you plan to travel to and save your settings.

VoiceMailTel Berry access numbers are available for the following cities: Barrie (ON), Burlington (ON), Calgary (AB), Edmonton (AB), Kitchener-Waterloo (ON), Montreal (QC), Ottawa (ON), Toronto (ON), Vancouver (BC), Winnipeg (MB).

Case study:

“I’m traveling a lot with my business, from Calgary to Toronto and from Quebec to Vancouver, I’m always on the road. I am using my BlackBerry a lot to talk with my partners and for personal reasons, so I used to have monthly bills reaching over $400. Now that I am using VoiceMailTel Berry I make all my calls local. Now I’m paying less than $150 and I’m talking a lot, so I recommend this application to whoever wants to cut down their costs for mobile calls.”
Jerry Armstrog, Best Advertise

“I have an expanding business and have business partners all over the world. I am traveling all over North America and have to make a lot of long distance and international calls. My bills were over $1000 every month. Since I’ve started using VoiceMailTel Berry my bills dropped to about $400/month. This is a great service and it really is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to cut down on expenses on these times of crisis. I recommended it to all of my friends and business partners.”
Mark Wind, Marketing Inc.