Automated Call Recording

Overview “Automated Call Recording”, a VoiceMailTel feature

With VoiceMailTel’s Automated Call Recording feature system, you can now permanently document all conversations made in and out of your company and accurately recall what customers asked for, what was promised to them, and sometimes more importantly, what was not promised to them.

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More and more organizations are having their in and out phone communications recorded. Call recordings are a must-have for all companies, today more than ever, because of increased legal requirements, security, customer satisfaction, employee evaluation and training.

Small and medium businesses have the same requirements as large companies, but had never been able to afford call recording. VoiceMailTel provides Automated Call Recording feature for all types of businesses.

Don’t lose customers or risk expensive lawsuits over disputed telephone conversations. Researchers have proven that of all means of communications, telephone conversations are the most problematic. That’s because spoken words can be misunderstood and memories fade and usually there is no record of the conversations to review.

And what better way to protect your business from misunderstandings or ensure customer satisfaction than Automated Call Recording?

How “Automated Call Recording feature” works for your business

Once enabled,  Automated Call Recording will automatically record all incoming and outgoing calls in your company and send each call’s transcript to an email address you are required to provide.

At the moment Automated Call Recording can be enabled on your account by sending a specific request to VoiceMailTel’s sales department. The price is $8/month/terminal.

What is Automated Call Recording?

  • Automated Call Recording is a feature that allows you to automatically record all incoming and outgoing calls in your company.

How does Automated Call Recording work?

  • Call us at 866-686-4236 or email our Sales team, at  and request to have this feature enabled on your account.
  • You will be asked to provide an email address where you will receive all your recordings.
  • Recordings are sent automatically to the email address you provide, after each incoming or outgoing call.
  • You can disable the feature any time by sending a request to



Is it legal to record a call?

Legal restrictions on recording calls vary by jurisdiction. You must understand and comply with laws that may apply to you and the person you are speaking with.

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