Voicemail Manager

Overview¬†“Voicemail Manager”, a VoiceMailTel feature

The Voicemail Manager will give you full control over your voice messages. This tool is invaluable for productivity. You will be able to save all your voice messages in separate folders on your PC. Or you can easily forward your messages to any email address.

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With Voicemail Manager gain control over your voice correspondence
This tool allows you to save and organize your voice messages in folders on your PC.

Voice message memento
You won’t lose any important messages again. You can save them as audio files on your e-mail or PC and even forward them if you want.

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How “Voicemail Manager” works

Voicemail (also known as voice mail, voice-mail, voice message or voice bank) is a computer-based system that allows users and subscribers to exchange personal voice messages; to select and deliver voice information; and to process transactions relating to individuals, organizations, products and services, using an ordinary telephone. The term is also used more broadly to denote any system of conveying stored telecommunications voice messages, including using an answering machine. Voicemail Manager allows you to listen, save or forward your messages. You can save on your PC the messages you think represent major importance for you and your company and delete the others.


What is Voicemail Manager?

The Voicemail Manager feature allows you to save on your PC or forward your voicemails.

Do I need to empty my inbox?

Messages older than 120 days will be automatically deleted.

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