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Overview “Message Notification”, a VoiceMailTel feature

WORRIED ABOUT MISSING IMPORTANT CALLS? With VoiceMailTel’s Message Notification feature, keeping track of all voicemails becomes an easy job.

The Message Notification feature is your virtual answering machine, but it’s better than that: it also notifies you of new messages, then allows you to decide how you want to check them. Listen to your voicemail messages by phone, by e-mail or online.

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Message Notification feature opportunities

Because the Message Notification feature notifies you of new voicemails, you won’t have to worry about missing any. You won’t miss messages.

The VoiceMailTel Message Notification feature can notify you by phone or e-mail (as an audio file). You select what works best for you using your online portal. You choose what works for you.

You keep what’s important. No more important messages clogging up your voicemail. With Message Notification you can receive voice messages as an e-mailed audio file. It’s easy to archive them on your computer. As many as you want.

Don’t wait for the tech department to set it up, you can do it yourself. It’s that simple with VoiceMailTel’s Message Notification feature!

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How Message Notification feature works

With VoiceMailTel’s Message Notification you’ll know about that important incoming call even if you’re on the phone. And because you’re notified of new messages, you can return the call quickly. You look professional.

What is Message Notification?

  • VoiceMailTel’s Message Notification feature is a virtual answering machine…and more.
  • It not only receives messages, but also tells you when you receive them.

How does Message Notification work?

  • Message Notification tells you when you have a new message.
  • You retrieve messages using your phone, e-mail or online.
  • When using online and e-mail functions, the message is converted to an audio file that you can hear using an audio player.
  • You can even save important messages on your computer for future reference.



What is the Message Notification feature?

The VoiceMailTel Message Notification feature notifies you of new voicemail messages, even when you’re out of the office. You can listen to your voicemail messages by phone, e-mail, or online. Say goodbye to your old, obsolete answering machine.

Check messages when it’s convenient for you. Because they’re password-protected, only you will have access to them.

Will I be charged for Message Notification by e-mail?


VoiceMailTel’s Message Notification by e-mail is included in all our packages.

How will I be notified when I have a message?

You choose. Simply set your message notification preferences using your online account.

If you want voicemail messages by e-mail, set the preferences accordingly. You’ll receive your messages as audio files that you can listen to with an audio player. You can even save important messages on your PC.

How can I modify my Voicemail Notification?

  1. Log into your online VoiceMailTel portal
  2. Click the Call Routing link
  3. Click option 6, Voicemail
  4. In the Voicemail section, enter the e-mail address you’d like to receive voicemails to
  5. Click Save

Can I listen to my voicemail as soon as I’m notified?


When you are notified, open your e-mail or log into the online portal to access the message.


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