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Overview “Virtual Extensions”, a VoiceMailTel feature

 Give your customers a seamless calling experience with VoiceMailTel’s Virtual Extensions feature. Create a virtual office and offer your clients the same professional service like of a Fortune 500 company, even if your employees are across the country or working from home.

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Virtual Extensions feature opportunities

The Virtual Extensions feature gives your callers the impression of a single office even if you and your employees don’t work at the same location. You can seamlessly unify your team under one customer-friendly calling system.

With VoiceMailTel’s Virtual Extensions you unify your team under a single virtual phone system, giving the impression you are all working in the same office. Even if your company has only one employee you can still take advantage of Virtual Extensions: create virtual departments that show your callers the professionalism of a large company. You can manage and enhance your image.

VoiceMailTel’s Virtual Extensions mean you and your callers don’t waste time listening to busy signals and pressing the redial button, or worse, lose business because you miss calls. If your line is busy, callers have the option to hold, leave a voicemail message, or be transferred elsewhere. You are accessible.

You save money. There’s no need to buy and maintain new hardware. The only difference between your phone system and the Fortune 500 one is that you’re paying a much lower price.

Don’t wait for the tech department to set up your account, you can do it yourself. It’s that simple with VoiceMailTel’s Virtual Extensions feature!

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How “Virtual Extensions” feature works for your business

With VoiceMailTel’s Virtual Extensions you give callers a seamless calling experience no matter where you and your staff are located. You always look professional.

How do Virtual Extensions work?

  • Virtual Extensions are part of your virtual phone system.
  • They are extensions that are not physically associated with any phone or hardware.
  • They are perfectly suited to small businesses because you can customize them to suit all sorts of working arrangements.
  • First, your VoiceMailTel Auto-Attendant welcomes callers with a professional recording, prompting them to select an extension.
  • Auto-attendant messages can be customized to fit your business.

For example, “press 1 for sales, press 2 for customer support, press 3 to talk with a company representative”; or, “press 1 for Bob, press 2 for Maria, press 3 for Mark”; or, “If you know your party’s extension please dial it now.”

  • When the caller enters the extension, the call goes to the telephone number you have associated with the extension. It can be your number or an employee’s number; and it can be a home, office, or cellphone number. It can be anywhere, and still appear to be in the same office.
  • You can also set up extensions to deliver announcements about new offers or give company information.
  • The extension owner can identify callers through call screening and then answer the call, or route it to another number or extension.
  • Extension messages can be personalized and availability scheduled. For example, calls can be scheduled to go to another number or voicemail when the extension owner is on vacation.



What is the Virtual Extensions feature?

You can give callers automated company and service information using voice mailboxes. This is particularly practical as a sales and marketing tool.

What is Virtual PBX?

A Virtual PBX is an affordable alternative to the high cost of buying and maintaining a hardware-based PBX system. It does not require any new equipment.

When you sign up with VoiceMailTel, you get your own toll-free or local number to use as your main business number. When multiple callers dial your number simultaneously they are forwarded to extensions and mailboxes.

You can transfer callers to different extensions, which can be assigned to employees and departments, regardless of location.

You can redirect calls to different numbers at any time, or have calls automatically routed to different numbers in a fixed order.

You can also assign direct-dial numbers to individual extensions providing your employees and/or departments with their own numbers.

Can I have different extensions and mailboxes?


VoiceMailTel’s Virtual Extensions give you a complete automated system with voice prompts, extensions, menus, and submenus.

Best of all, it comes with unlimited minutes between extensions.


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