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Virtual PBX, Hosted PBX or a Cloud PBX

As you may have gathered, there is no fundamental difference between a Virtual PBX, Hosted PBX or a Cloud PBX. They are all virtual phone systems located in the cloud and purchased on a monthly basis. They all utilize VoP technology and the SIP protocol standard. 

PBX systems have been used by large companies for a long time. Nowadays Hosted PBX is the perfect solution for home-based and small businesses to have their own Fortune 500 big business image. Traditional PBX requires expensive equipment that consumes space, time and money, but only large corporations can afford such a system.


Benefits of Hosted PBX


  • The advantage of Hosted PBX is that it is being hosted by someone else for you, in this case by your VoIP provider. You won’t have to buy or maintain any equipment. A Hosted PBX system also allows your business to be mobile by routing your office numbers to any cell phones or landlines. Now, your workers can work from home, or any location globally with our easy to use Hosted PBX solution.
  • Typically, a Hosted PBX implementation is significantly more cost-effective over the long run than a traditional PBX. These ongoing savings are in addition to the initial savings on capital outlay.
  • Being available all the time to your callers is a crucial aspect of running a business and Hosted PBX is the right tool to help you never miss a call again. In case you are in a meeting or you simply cannot answer a call, your business number will still be available to unlimited calls, routing them to another appropriate extension, to external lines or simply to your voicemail mailboxes. Your voicemails are being sent directly to your email in real-time.
  • For most companies monitoring their calls is an important aspect of keeping expenses under control but also a productive marketing toolHosted PBX usually come with complete real-time call reports and call history, easy to access and monitor on a web-based interface that makes it all easy as a point and click. You can also manage Call Blocking lists, prevent Telemarketer incoming calls, manage your extensionscall forwardings and call queues online in no time.


Hosted PBX systems are the perfect solution for home-based and small businesses looking to increase their flexibility and reduce their costsIt is also a great solution for medium sized companies with multiple users and offices looking to unify their telecomunication needs and at the same time, of course, reducing costs.


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