What is Unified Communications

 What is Unified CommunicationsAll forms of call and multimedia/cross-media message-management functions controlled by an individual user for business and social purposes can represent one of the definitions for the industry of Unified Communications (UC). The big idea behind it is unification by combining telephony and business data on the same network. Enables the firms to combine and use voice data and video information in their business apps. This integrates real-time, enterprise, communication services like chat messaging, presence information, voice (including VoIP services), audio, video and video conferencing etc.

There are a lot of benefits for using unified communications, for example:

  1. Unified communications enable you to access voice, e-mail, fax and other media from a single mailbox that is independent of the access device

  2. You can also use applications such as calendaring, scheduling, workflow, integrated voice response and other enterprise apps that facilitate a better and more efficient communication between individuals and workgroups

  3. Conferencing, instant messaging, traditional and next-gen PBX and paging are other apps that can benefit your company, but they focus more on real-time and near real-time communications systems

  4. Unified communications can also provide access to m-commerce, e-commerce, voice Web-browsing, stock information and other enterprise apps

  5. Another advantage of Unified Communications is that it reduces your costs through transferring mobile device traffic from the cellular network to the WLAN. It enables the use of a more efficient network transport, it reduces the travel costs and time replacing in-person meeting with Web collaboration and minimizes or eliminates the human latency that could arise from unsuccessful contact attempts

  6. Your data is safe, Unified Communications software can encrypt or scramble the information that is being sent across the network so it can’t be intercepted and read by an intruder

  7. Life is simpler because the employee can use a single phone number or handset and a unified box for all the communications

  8. 50% of user organizations save up to 20 minutes per employee daily from more efficient message management (https://www.itbusinessedge.com)

  9. Conferencing and collaboration are executed with ease, over 75% of user organizations experienced improved productivity of employees across geographically dispersed locations due to voice and video conferencing (https://www.itbusinessedge.com)

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