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Overview “Call History”, a VoiceMailTel feature

WORRIED ABOUT MISSED CALLS? Stop worrying and take control with the VoiceMailTel Call History feature.

The Call History feature is like a personal assistant for your whole company. You can see details of incoming and outgoing calls. You can decide how to get the most money from your company’s calling activities.

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You see the big picture. With your online portal you can view all of your incoming and outgoing calls. And you see employees` calls too. You know when, where, who and how long with the Call History feature.

You have support. Need backup for your proposal? With Call History, you have phone-use data to support you. View it online or download it for use, in a spreadsheet.

You don’t miss anybody. Last missed caller didn’t leave a message? No problem, you can find out who it was. Call History allows you to filter and sort calls by date, time, type, source, destination and caller ID.

Don’t wait for the tech departament to set it up. You can do it yourself. It’s that simple, with VoiceMailTel’s Call History feature!

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How does Call History work for your business?

  • The Call History feature is like a personal assistant, keeping track of the calls you make and receive.
  • Find out more about incoming and outgoing calls. See the length, source, destination and duration.
  • Simply use the VoiceMailTel online portal to view your company’s call information.
  • Or, export the information for use in spreadsheets.
  • Using Call History is simple. You can do it yourself, as often as you want.



What is the Call History feature?

VoiceMailTel’s Call History feature is your personal assistant, keeping track of the calls you make and receive.

View all of your incoming and outgoing calls using your online portal. Track employee calls or view sales calls. Then export the data to a spreadsheet so you can do a cost analysis.

Is there a record of my incoming and outgoing calls?


Call History keeps records of incoming and outgoing calls.

How do I know who called when I miss the call?

Simply check your VoiceMailTel Call History feature.


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