Caller ID

Overview “Caller ID”, a VoiceMailTel feature

The VoiceMailTel Caller ID is a feature that will show the name and number of the caller when the phone starts to ring. The name and number displayed are those associated with the line from which the call is made.

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The VoiceMailTel Caller ID will show your company name and phone number to the called party, thus decreasing the possibility of having your call refused by your partners.

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How Caller ID feature works for your business

From your online portal account, you can manage how your callers will appear on your screen when calling you. When you place calls your call will be screened with your main number (when using Calling Card) or you can set it up to appear differently when placing calls from terminals.

When forwarding your calls, you can set your Caller ID as follows: leave it as original, add a prefix, change caller’s name and number as you want it to be screened.



What is the Caller ID feature?

A phone service feature that transmits the caller’s telephone number to the called party’s telephone equipment during the ringing signal or when the call is being placed but before the call is answered.

How can I set up Caller ID?

On your portal account you can set up Caller ID for each extension: you can leave the original Caller ID, add a prefix to it, or change it as you want it to be screened.


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