Overview “Music-on-Hold”, a VoiceMailTel feature

IT’S CALLED DEAD AIR. It’s when you have silence over the phone line, and it encourages callers to hang up. With VoiceMailTel’s Music-on- Hold feature, you will now impress your callers by playing them music or announcements on hold instead of the misleading dead air.

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The Music-on-Hold feature plays callers the music or message you think is appropriate, so they know that the line hasn’t dropped. It makes a professional impression.

You reduce hang-ups. Most callers will hang up quickly when there’s silence on the line. VoiceMailTel’s Music-on-Hold assures callers that they haven’t been cut off so they’re more likely to stay on the line and wait for an operator to respond.

You sound professional. Music-on-Hold gives you a big-business image. With several types of music to choose from, you can customize the music to suit your company image. You can even upload your own music.

You can craft the message. Give your callers useful information by playing messages instead of music. You can give general company information, company news, or announce a new product or promotion.

Don’t wait for the tech department to set up this feature, you can do it yourself. It’s simple, with VoiceMailTel’s Music-on-Hold feature.

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How “Music-on-Hold” works for your business

With Voicemailtel’s “Music-on-hold feature you treat customers exactly how you would want to be treated. They get a respectful service, not a silent line. You look professional.

How does  Music-on-Hold work?

  • Callers who are holding on the line or having their calls routed will listen to music or customized messages.
  • You decide whether to use the default messages and music or to upload your own.
  • Using your online portal, you select which message or music will be played to callers.



Can I have music while callers hold?

Yes. You can play any music you like while callers are on hold.

You can even have different music on different extensions.

If you want more than music, you can create recordings that combine music with marketing messages.

Can I customize the music-on-hold feature myself?

Yes, it’s easy.

Just log into your online account and you can customize your music-on-hold feature by yourself.

Can I create my own commercials and play them using the music-on-hold feature?


You can upload your own recordings, or we can provide you with professional voices for your commercials.


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