Auto Attendant

Overview Auto Attendant, a VoiceMailTel feature

VoiceMailTel’s Auto Attendant feature greets your callers professionally. The Auto Attendant feature (also known as auto attendant greetings, automated greeting, automated attendant, call attendant, or simply main greeting) guides callers to the extensions they want to reach. No receptionist is required.

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Auto Attendant feature opportunities

You save money. With VoiceMailTel’s Auto Attendant feature, there’s no need to purchase an in-house PBX system or to hire a new receptionist to answer and route your calls. You get a professional business image without the need for purchasing and maintaining expensive equipment.

You save time. You decide when you can or can’t answer your calls. And when you can’t, you decide the message callers get or if their call should reach a partner or colleague who might be available.

You personalize the message for answering greetings.

  • Record greetings with your own voice; or
  • Use our professional recording service (send us the scripts and we do the rest); or
  • Use our FREE computer-generated voice feature.

Don’t wait for the tech department to set it up, you can do it yourself. It’s that simple with VoiceMailTel’s Auto Attendant feature!

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How Auto Attendant feature works for your business

With VoiceMailTel’s Auto Attendant feature your customers get a professional greeting, wherever you are. It uses your personalized menu to answer calls, then directs callers to the appropriate person or department. You project a professional business image.

How does Auto Attendant works?

  • Auto Attendant is a tool that gives your office the professional touch, it makes it sound like a big business.
  • If you can’t take a call, your Auto Attendant can transfer the call to your cellphone, or any other phone, or to a colleague who might be available. Anywhere.
  • Use your Auto Attendant to help customers. Make recordings that announce business hours, directions, job postings, or answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Auto Attendant saves you time by automating functions such as telephone registration. Callers simply use the keypad to register or check info.



What’s the default Auto Attendant message?

The default Auto Attendant message is:

“Thank you for calling ABC Company! If you know the extension of the person you want to reach please enter it now. To access the company directory press 4, or wait for an operator to respond.”

How do I record my own message for the Auto Attendant?

Call your main account’s phone number and follow these steps:

1. Press * then wait for further instructions to start
2. Press 5 then wait for further instructions to start
3. Enter any extension number
4. Enter the extension password
5. Press 1, then record the message

Can I get a professional voice for my Auto Attendant?

Yes, visit the IVR & Auto Attendant page to learn more about the professional voices we offer.


I have already recorded my message, how do I upload it?

Upload it on your online portal account, or send your message to us at (if possible, as a .wav file). We will upload it to your account.


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