What is a Toll Free Number

A huge percentage of big companies utilize toll free numbers as a tool to increase their business.  But toll free numbers are not just for big businesses . All small or home based businesses can now benefit from the advantages of using this tool.
Toll free numbers are good for small businesses because they can help grow your business faster and improve your image at the same time.  According to Telecommunication Experts, having a toll free number can:

  1. Increase telephone orders by 30-60%.
  2. Increase word-of-mouth referrals by 200%.
  3. Increase revenues for the average business by 600%.
  4. Generate approximately 30% more orders when coupled with a productive advertisement showing the toll-free number.
  5. Decrease product returns by 50%.

Why VoiceMailTel’s toll free numbers?

VoiceMailTel plans come loaded with great features at a great price: Voicemail, Auto Attendant, Calling Card & Call Back, Call Analysis, Quick Forward, and many other features. There is no software or hardware needed to be installed. Anyone in the company can do it. VoiceMailTel’s toll free numbers service helps any business achieve state-of-the-art voice communication that functions just like the systems used by FORTUNE 500 companies. VoiceMailTel allows you to choose your own number. You can select between:

  • regular toll free numbers (866, 877)
  • traditional toll free numbers (800)
  • vanity (custom) toll free numbers (e.g. 866-YourBiz)

Choose your  number today and look professional with your virtual phone system!

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