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Introduction: VoIP stands for Voice over IP

First of all, let’s get something out of the way: that acronym in the title is going to be one of the few ones in this article, as we don’t want this to be a technical presentation.

Quite the contrary: we want to do this with you in mind, the non-technical reader that has probably heard already from their technical managers of this technology  but were afraid to ask. In short, it’s all about voice communications over the Internet and all the cool stuff you get with it. Our article will also be short, because no one wants to read long presentations that say nothing, so we’d rather say more in less space.

Basics of Internet telephony: everything takes place with the Internet

Of course you and all your friends, relatives and colleagues own a computer. Maybe also a smart phone and/or a tablet. With this unprecedented advent of technology, communications have also grown fast. Since we have the devices that allow us to be always connected, the infrastructure and software for keeping us connected are better and smarter every day. Without it, all that expensive hardware and cabling would be useless, just pieces of metal and plastic. One of the many categories of programs that keep us connected are, as mentioned before, VoIP programs. They allow us to talk to one another regardless of distance or weather, since everything takes place with the Internet as a transmission medium, which is more reliable than classic telephony as we and our parents (and grandparents…) know it.

Your benefit:  it’s cheaper

OK, so how does all this affect you? First of all, it’s cheaper. A tendency in today’s business is globalization: for example, you are a producer of lamps. You find that your best deal is to get light bulbs from China, cables from Ukraine and glass from Germany. You don’t want to mess with local retailers, so you’ll need to communicate with people hundreds, tens or thousands of miles away. Classic land line communications will cost you a small fortune. Since nowadays everyone (as we illustrated before), especially business people, have Internet access almost everywhere, VoIP services will give you exactly what you need, as it will cost the same whether you need to talk with someone on a different continent or a different area of your city. After all, you don’t pay more or less for websites you access depending on where they are located. Second, you, as a business person, will always have your smart phone/tablet with you, so all you will need is an application installed and a VoIP provider.

Smart communications

Given the fact that the communication medium is a more modern one, so are the facilities it provides, besides what we enumerated before. So, caller ID is a given, conferences are a breeze to setup, regardless of distance, the number of compatible devices is growing – one can have the so-called ‘soft phones’ (a Internet-enabled device like a laptop or a tablet, which is running VoIP software), and ‘hard phones’, which serve the only purpose of letting you talk via the Internet. And it looks exactly like a normal office phone. Another plus is that you’re always connected, given the easiness these services offer you when it comes to call forwarding and automated answering.


The conclusion looks simple: VoIP  it’s cheaper, better quality, modern and simple to set up. Looks too good to be true, isn’t it? Try it! 

VoiceMailTel offer a free trial for a period of 30 days, so you can easily see for yourself what we’re talking about. Get rid of all those telephone wires and get in touch with modern technology!  

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