The Road to Success is Paved with VoIP

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When you introduce VoIP into your business, you quickly realize that a VoIP phone is not just a device for making and receiving calls. You’ll find it’s a collaboration tool, an aid to productivity, an easy way to remain in contact and a platform for building business applications.

Don’t want to lose a call?

You know the problem, you’re expecting an urgent call, but you’ve got to leave your desk to go to a meeting, or leave the office to get home for dinner. Do you just forget the call or hope the caller is happy to leave a message? No problem with VoIP.  There’s a great feature called “Follow Me” that forwards incoming calls to your mobile number, your home phone or voicemail as a last resort. It’s ideal for employees who need to be in contact wherever they are, or for those occasions when you don’t want to miss a call.

You have 30 new emails, 10 voicemails and 3 instant messages

Sound familiar? So, where do you start – turn on the computer to check email and instant messages or click the voicemail? It’s simpler with VoIP. One inbox for all your messages makes it easy to track what’s going on without going from device to device. Unified messaging is great for boosting your personal productivity and staying on top of the message mountain.

Silence is golden when you can read your voicemail

You’re in a meeting, and there’s an air of concentration all around you. You’ve done your duty and switched off your phone, but you realize that voicemail that just came in is urgent. Do you disturb the meeting, step outside or grit your teeth and wait till the meeting is over?

VoIP to the rescue. Some providers call it visual voicemail; others give it the more obvious name of voicemail to email. Whatever it’s called, this service lets you read your voicemail – without making a sound. That’s a big bonus if you spend a lot of time in meetings and want to keep up to date with important messages.

Your place or mine?

Meetings, meetings, meetings! Instead of travelling to the next meeting, wouldn’t you rather be working? If you’re a member of a project team or spend a lot of your time in meetings, you’ll really appreciate the collaboration features in VoIP. Set up audio or video conference calls on demand from your desktop phone. Get part of the team together around an IP conference phone in a meeting room, or plug a USB conference phone into your computer to join a Web conference. Arranging meetings is no longer a big deal and, with this level of collaboration, you can push projects forward faster.

Just leave me alone

You don’t want to be disturbed, you’re fed up with unwanted sales calls, or you want to return that missed call, but you can’t remember the number. VoIP includes some helpful call services that can make life a lot more tolerable and cut out the unwanted distractions. A Do Not Disturb service gives the caller a very clear message and a quick route to your voicemail. Unidentified numbers just don’t get through with call blocking and, with call return, you can call back when it’s convenient without having to look up the number. Think how much time you could save every day with those features.

Check the features

Taking advantage of the services VoIP can offer could change the way you and your colleagues work, communicate and collaborate, so it pays to take a closer look at its true capability. When you’re evaluating a VoIP service or phone, check the features carefully to make sure they match the way you want to work.


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