Visual Voicemail

Visual Voicemail

Visual Voicemail looks like is the most important enhanced feature of VoIP

It can be defined by, when you miss a call and the caller leaves a message you receive an email alert. At first this can sound absurd because your PC is right next to your desk phone. Still think about the next scenario, you step away from your desk for a few minutes or you are offsite all day or even in a meeting for some time or even working from home, using visual voicemail you’ll know when you’ve missed a call and in most cases you’ll know who contacted you and by assessing this information you can prioritize your calls and decide if the call is urgent enough to take action.

The good part is that you don’t need to dial in to your phone system to retrieve messages, you can use a MP3 audio file included in the alert and you can reply wherever you are. This is a great advantage since the legacy voicemail system are not that evolved, they can take messages but that’s pretty much, they can’t really do much else. They lack the native intelligence of IP based apps, rendering them rather passive.

In short, there is a great value using visual voicemail, first you get the availability to get alerts about missed calls when you are not at your desk and you can improve the response time to missed calls regarding your current location. The great part about this is that you can listen to your messages depending on your situation. This eases your work, because you don’t have to do the classic shift from email to a phone line in order to dial in your voicemail system. This also increases personal productivity especially when your employees are away from their desks so having broadband access enables them to monitor their missing calls and responding to them asap.

The call can also be escalated to coworkers who are better suited to respond to the call or shared with a group when the whole team needs to hear the message.

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