To VoIP or not to VoIP?




Making the change to VoIP service for your business can bring many advantages and cost effectiveness in addition to its ease of use.

Businesses are looking to slash costs in every available way; in most cases, business VoIP service is a sensible way to dramatically reduce their monthly phone bills.¬†VoIP service has additional advantages over traditional phone service, in that it is easily scalable and relatively maintenance free. Additionally, most ¬†business plans offer unlimited nationwide calling for a flat rate fee. If you have a small- or medium-sized company, business VoIP offers “big business” features that will increase your professional appearance. With VoIP phone service, you can typically add or remove phone lines with a couple of mouse clicks. Remote offices can use the same phone system as the main office. Having the same system means easy extension dialing, call forwarding, and many other features. It’s like you’re in the same office, even if you are continents away!



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