How VoIP can Save Your Company


Disaster comes when you least expect it, hurricanes, floods and other acts of nature can inflict severe damage on your business. This can lead to wrecked equipment, destroyed office space and lost data.

If you want a great disaster recovery plan, then VoIP is for you. This enables you to continue using your system even if your staff can’t come into the office.

While variables like budget and the existing infrastructure affect your decisions it’s always good to keep a contingency plan. VoIP can be applied to many scenarios. Hardware, staff training are just a few investments that businesses have made to support their needs like in house phone, remote offices and contact centers. If the main server is not damaged and it’s still functional you can still reroute your phone calls to unaffected remote offices, individual homes and alternative off-site backup space.

This service is mandatory for all companies, but it’s really expensive to set up and maintain, especially if we are talking about small businesses. Other larger companies can afford distributed physical hardware in multiple locations that can handle peak voice traffic for the entire business in case the main IP PBX foes down.

Other service provides offer cloud based solutions, they set up a virtual PBX copy that has all the functions and attributes of the real IP PBX, operating just like its hardware based counterpart inside and outside the company. If something happens to the original PBX, the cloud mirror takes over with a few commands. Usually companies pay for the setup and a monthly contingency free unit and if the company needs the service, then it starts paying regular rates for as long as it uses the service.

This would be a great business continuity plan if your main approach is having a totally cloud based solution. Still it’s not a perfect system because it will not provide all of the flexibility or features an enterprise requires for its operations, features like financial, legal and medical in house solutions. In conclusion VoIP can save your company.

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