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In any business, communication is key, and you need to make sure that you are ready to meet the ever changing needs of your organization. If you have started out small, there is a good chance that you only needed a few lines, or maybe even one, but as your business finally begins to grow, there is a good chance that you will need to expand your communication network, and there are a few options for doing so. If you are unaware of the existence of the PBX phone system option, then you might think that signing up for multiple phone lines is the only option. While this is certainly a choice that you can make, you have to remember that it is not only costly, it is counterproductive. A business that has that many phone lines will run up a huge bill rather quickly, and that is certainly not what you want! The PBX phone system stands for Private Branch Exchange and works in a very specific way. At the phone company, a switchboard is used to direct calls, but you can easily install such a system within your own business and handle your calls so long as you are willing to run the telephone wires. This is an internal system, and with it, you will be able to call employees inside the building using specialized PBX phones. You may find however that this is not for you, and using business VoIP service from VoiceMailTel (VoIP Service Provider) might just be the answer that you have been looking for.

VoIP Service Provider

We offer a high-end virtual phone system that requires tiny investment on your part. With a PBX system, you would spend thousands of dollars installing equipment, running lines, and testing the system to make sure it works. With our system, on the other hand, your PBX will be hosted within our cloud. What does this mean? It means that your support costs are going to go down, and you will be able to serve your customers more efficiently than ever before. Not only will you reduce the cost of installation and use, but you will also find that your new cloud based PBX system features several advanced functions that you just wouldn’t find on a typical PBX system.

First of all, one of the favored features is ‘Call follow me’ which allows incoming calls to ring to multiple phones or devices simultaneously. Now, why is this helpful exactly? It means that you no longer have to find yourself tied to your office chair, waiting for that all-important phone call to come through. Instead, you can be out and about, talking to clients, dealing with employees, and just enjoying the fact that you can get work done. You can now use your softphone or your VoIP mobile app to receive the voicemails or calls wherever you happen to be.

Managing Your VoIP Phone Service

The best part about the VoIP systems that we offer is that they are not complicated in the least. You don’t need a closet full of computer equipment, and all of the equipment that you use for VoIP, aside from the handsets, can be stored offsite. Managing your system is simple; if you can use a web browser, then administering your VoIP service is going to be a matter of ease. Your employees can even set up out of office and use the follow service. Web-based management gives you the ability to manage anywhere, and in today’s modern business setting, that is essential.

Be Reachable from Anywhere

Do you want to establish a presence all over the world? While that might have been difficult in the past, doing it in the present is not so much of a chore. Our virtual phone system provides you with both local and toll-free phone numbers all over the world, with calls forwarded right to your mobile devices. It doesn’t take much to become a business force to be reckoned with, and we provide you with all of the necessary tools.

Your business needs VoIP phone service whether you want to move into the future, or simply need more efficiency. Start with our company today and be ready for the world of tomorrow.

Why Choose VoiceMailTel as Your Business VoIP Service Provider?

We offer you a deep understanding of technology that allows us to provide unified telecommunication solutions that effectively integrate PSTN, VoIP, cellular, and voicemail. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and set the standard for the telecommunications industry. Our data center in Toronto, Canada houses servers with direct access to over 70 networks hrough the United States and Europe. This means a shorter link between the server and callers and hassle-free calling. Our facility has multiple power backups, fire-extinguishing systems, and 24-hour monitoring. You get reliable service with a 99.99% uptime



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