Can I use VoIP-for-Faxing?

voip for faxing It’s clear that the fax is not what it used to be, but it is still important to some businesses like law offices and other that transmit receive copies of documents. Fax can be a critical part of the communication for some businesses despite their method of telephone communication used.

Using VoIP-for-faxing

You can send and receive faxes using special equipment. Special configuring your fax machine gave faxes a bad name because the process is not reliable. So if you want to make your fax work with VoIP you have to set your machine at 9600 baud rather than the more common 33kbaud and the error correction feature on the fax machine. Still if you want to send and receive faxes you need to make special arrangements, for example you need to keep a separate analog phone line for faxes or you can use a faxing service that lets you send and receive faxes as email. The document can be send as an attachment to a fax and faxes it to the destination.

You need to use VoIP aware fax machine or a fax to VoIP gateway if you want to integrate your faxing intro the VoIP system. The fax system are designed as an integrated part with the design of the PSTN so they share a lot of features, still VoIP operates on completely different features and fax is a very poor fit for the system because it’s very difficult to replicate the same signal, most fax machines use built-in analog modems to send documents after scanning them into the machine and encoding a fax signal in IP packets for transmission takes a lot of magical powers.

In conclusion, to implement the fax over IP system you have to eliminate the “faxed received” signal from some forms of VoIP faxing. The VoIP fax protocol uses the internet’s store and forward feature to transmit the message then the “fax received” will not be supported.

Virtual Fax by VoiceMailTel

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