Softphones are Perfect for Your Business


In the business lexicon, softphones has become an easily recognized term due to the growth of voice over IP (VoIP) in the last few years.

A softphone is a phone that allows people to make calls over the internet from their computer of mobile devices. Businesses are now starting to see the benefits that this type of service can provide, for example:

It saves money. Many apps are free for business users. It’s a good thing that most VoIP providers do include some type of software application in their package. The cost of an enterprise level softphone app is much lower than the average for a desk VoIP phone. You can save money even further by knowing that software can be pushed out to users preconfigured.

Features are user friendly. When working with a desk phone, employees have to read a manual and figure out how to access these features, for example if you want to forward your call you might have to press a series of buttons, to put a call on hold there is another button, but with softphones there’s a different story. They offer the same features as traditional desk phones, with some extra features: call forwarding, conferencing, call transfer, voicemail, text and instant messaging, contact list, address book etc. what is really special is that these types of phones offer some type of video calling so that two people can see each other during a call.

Flexibility. It’s all about mobility and being able to move your phone to your office if necessary, the phone can be unplugged from the wall and plugged right back in to any Ethernet jack or switch. The app remains on the computer so when the office is moved the phone is ready to use as soon as the computer is powered up.

Even if there are a lot of advantages of using smartphones in the workplace, not everyone is as impressed by them, and still need some time to adapt and accommodate with this new features and accept the technology as a part of their tool set.

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