How to Protect Your Mobile Data in your Enterprise

How to Protect Your Mobile Data in your EnterpriseWhen you are managing your own company or even if you are just going to start your own business you are going to have some trouble with your data security. You mobile device can be you worst enemy if it’s not well protected, the financial information, customer information, the employee personal information are considered to be the most damaging to an enterprise if they are leaked to an unknown source. One way to protect your mobile data is by using an existing threat protection software to maintain data security. Enterprises are now facing greater challenges because the environments are changing in cloud and mobile computing.

Here are a few tips on how to enhance your mobile security:

Control. Every mobile device connected to your network should be in complete control, data access, sharing and backup can provide a secure environment in which an administrator can monitor activity, enable access for e-discovery and create polices for network users. Using a user friendly console the global polices for backup and sharing can be applied to every user on you network. Settings like backup, access and sharing can be included in the employee profile and the original software can have a backup resource configuration and a backup schedule feature that can be monitored by the system administrator. Admins can access all mobile devices connected to the network and do encryption and remote data wipe

Don’t be too optimistic. You can never be too careful when you are confronted with security issues and always have a plan if something happens. Creating and having an incident response plan could help you understand the necessary steps and procedures that need to take place when an incident occurs. If something unexpected happens you need to send a breach notification to all those affected.

End to end security. You can protect your data by securing the mobile end points because the consequence will be that every mobile device connecting or attempting to connect to a network to comply with a set of predefined standards before being granted access. Personal firewalls on laptops, antivirus software and intrusion detection systems what monitor and block strange activity are encompassed in the basic end point security measures.

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