Does listening to music actually make you better at your job?


Music has a powerful relationship to our primal need of connecting with others, so how does this translate over to listening to music while you work?

It helps you finish boring tasks faster

If you’re not looking forward to cleaning out your email after getting back from a vacation or filling out that nasty excel spreadsheet at the end of the month with your finances, music can help. Because listening to what you like is pleasurable, it will not only make the task seem more fun but as research shows, it can actually help you complete the task faster.

Songs on medium volume is best for creativity:

Music gets your creative juices flowing. It really has the power to enhance creativity but at the same time it can pull down your imagination too. Loud songs can hamper your thoughts and have negative impact. The best solution is to hear the music on medium volume, neither too loud nor low. Soft and mellow sound may not be energizing but is surely inspiring which is perfect for creative and engaging work.

Lyrics can be attracting as well as distracting:

Depressing, heart-broken songs will create a gloomy environment and affect the productivity. It diverts our focus and is so engaging that it instantly hampers our work. Listen to joyful and high-spirited lyrics which generate positive energy. Lyrics are quite captivating; it inspires creative people like writers and helps them to write more imaginatively.

Familiar music develops focus:

Familiar and famous music makes the listeners happy and allows them to stay connected. Playing your favorite music always adds a surprise element and out of enthusiasm, employees seem to perform much better If you need to intensely focus on any project, then surely go for well-liked music.

Classical music always works:

Classical music is a popular pick to get things done. According to a study, the absence of lyrics and soothing tunes has a computable impact on the output. It also develops the concentration and helps the employees to stay more focus.

Everyone’s experience of music is different but now that you understand the why and how of its effects, hopefully your quest for creating the perfect playlist will be much easier.

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