Why is HD VoIP gaining popularity?



HD VoIP is gaining popularity rapidly, no wonder why.

In order to get an insight on why do businesses prioritise the HD phones we have to take a look at some specific HD Voice benefits for businesses.

Reduction of fatigue

During a narrowband call, your brain is quietly working to “fill in the blanks” by interpreting word sounds that have been clipped, so your brain has to figure out what is being said by using contextual clues. For short and clear calls, this isn’t a big headache, but the longer the call, the more work your brain ends up doing without you thinking about it.

Better comprehension and clarity

Because HD voice provides more sound information, it’s easy to understand the difference between sail, nail and fail on a call. In professions where accuracy and speed counts – such as medical, legal, and financial – HD voice is a clear winner because information is communicated more accurately the first time around. Technical conversations are easier because terms can be clearly understood.

Improved multi-national communication

HD VoIP is a clear winner when it comes to international calls and another “must have” for businesses regularly doing business with non-native speakers of another language. For most of us, it is a challenge to speak another language. There are accent issues, vocabulary issues, and even tone can be used differently to communicate nuances. Put all of those factors into a narrowband call and the ability to clearly communicate between offices in Europe and Asia becomes much more difficult.

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