Fax is still alive through VoIP

Faxing through VoIP

It all started in the 1980s when faxing had poor print quality and slow transmission and it’s still here thanks to VoIP.

Hand signed documents for business transactions and fast transmission of hard copy documents had generated a need for the fax machine. Using this technology you can send faxes online to an e-mail address or another fax machine. The only bad side is that the costs are often limited to the purchase of a low cost all in one printer that has fax capability and it’s connected to you IP network.

Sending your documents securely over an IP network while using the cloud to store and create is a benefit of using fax over IP. If you want to interact with a time sensitive information that needs to be sent asap you can send it to a mobile device. It’s simple, you take a picture of a hand signed document with your smart phone and fax it from the device to an e-mail address. This service can also be used to protect the information transmitted so that organizations can send and save faxes securely.

Your business offer is dynamic, meaning that vendors will give you a free or low cost online fax over IP service depending on your demands. Of course these services fit very well with a small organization and it’s not recommended for large organizations that require daily use of this service. A mandatory desire is the hand signatures that are required on a document and when this need or desire is generated you VoIP fax keeps this need alive and kicking and moving forward into the next phase of telephony.

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