How Co-workers Affect Your Job Satisfaction

Have you ever thought of the effects that co-workers have on your job satisfaction?

When you have a close friend at work, you feel a stronger connection to the company. You’re more excited about coming at work every day. You attach yourself to the company’s purpose and collaborate better to create success for the business.

But did you know that the stress caused by an adverse relationship with a co-worker can have a serious toll on your life?


Are Your Colleagues Stressing You Out?

The most interesting discoveries for researchers is that what they assumed would be damaging to employees health had very little impact at all. The number of hours a person spent at the office didn’t affect their health, neither did how mean their boss was. What they found instead, was that the factor most closely linked to health was the support of co-workers.

There was a similar sentiment discovered in another survey, where they found that co-workers were a bigger source of stress than bosses.

Bad Colleague Relationships = Bad Personal Relationships

Employees who experience frustration over a rude colleague have their negative emotions spill over into their relationships at home.

This is incredibly troubling because of the damage that it can do to your children and spouse. Think about the ripple effect that a bad relationship with a single co-worker can have.

Don’t Hesitate On Making Friends At Your Job

There are plenty of reasons why it’s important to have friends at work. Humans need to feel a sense of belonging, and considering how much time we spend at work; co-workers can help you achieve that.

You will have someone to talk to about your problems, improve your communication skills and be more productive by keeping you motivated.

Build Better Relationships At Work

Like any relationship, the key to building better friendships at work is through trust. Try and find something in common with a co-worker that you could share, like music, food, or tv shows that you both enjoy.

Something as simple as inviting a co-worker to eat lunch with you, or surprising them at their desk with a cup of coffee from the break room can go a long way.

Are Your Co-workers Affecting Your Mood At Work?

Having friends at work is incredibly important for your mental well-being. It is especially true for new employees joining a company that just want to fit in.

Is your office doing enough to make sure that you and your team are getting along? Are you doing enough to have a good relationship with your teammates?


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